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5 Days Of Learning With Legos - Lego Learning Resources Overview

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Lego, Legos and more Legos! My son is addicted to them. He can spend hours playing with his Legos and Minifigs. Right now it is his passion, so why not utilize them for educational purposes? Well this week I will be sharing some fun ways to Learn With Legos. I have written about Legos several times this year, this post was a HUGE hit, FreeBEE Friday Lego Learning Resources.

In today's post I will be sharing our favorite resources including activities, books, videos, Lego sets, fieldtrips and more! The majority of Rowyn's homeschool activities this year will be centered around Legos. After all he has told me that when he is a grown up he wants to work for them!

Here are a few of Rowyn's favorite Lego things:

-Lego Ideas Book by DK Publishing
-Lego Club magazine (sign up for FREE)
-Lego early readers

Apps and Games (all apps are for Android):
-Lego Club games
-Lego instructions (FREE)
-Lego TV (FREE)
-MiniFig Maker (99 cents)
-LEGO App4

Product Details

-The Adventures of Clutch Powers
-Lego Star Wars The Empire Strikes Out

Lego Sets:
-Wild Animal Lego Education Kit (this set appears to be discontinued but be sure to check out the many others available)
-DK Read, Build, Play Brickmaster Sets

Product Details

Fieldtrips and other activies:
-Head to your local Legoland for an educational homeschool fieldtrip.
-Check out the free mini builds and Monthly Lego Club at your local Lego store.
-Currclick Lego club
-Lego club at our library (check your local library to see if they offer a program or if they would be interested in starting one)
-Build Together website

Selected Products

More Lego stuff from mom:
Here are some of this Lego loving moms favorite things.

Learning ideas:
Here are some ideas that I have jotted down or that we done over the last few months.

-Check out this article (which includes an awesome infographic) for 10 ways kids learn with Lego.
Have your child create minifigs to go along with books you are reading and perhaps even act out the story.
-Have your child create historical landmarks you are learning about during geography and/or history a pyramid or Stonehenge. We recently learned about street safety, so we built a Lego city and practiced with minifigs.

-Make some fun Lego brick or minifig pop art and learn about the famous artist Warhol.
-For older children have them write a research paper on the Lego company.

Places to find deals on Legos:
-Amazon Lego Store
-Lego store - check out the clearance section regularly. We have snagged mini build kits for around $2.99.
-Homeschool Buyers Coop -
-Zulily - about every other month Zulily has some awesome deals on Lego stuff. Sign up and request to be alerted about Lego deals!


Decorating with Legos:
-DIY wall art

Be sure to check back in a few weeks to see Rowyns Lego themed bedroom as well as Gwyns horse themed bedroom and our Dr. Seuss themed schoolroom! (by the way say a little prayer we move Wednesday!

Organizing  Legos:
-DIY Lego storage bin and play are on wheels - this is the bin we made for Rowyn so we would stop finding Legos here, there and everywhere.

Be sure to check out these two Pinterest boards. One is my personal board the other is one that several bloggers pin too. They are both loaded with great ways to use Legos for educational purposes, Lego activities, Lego printables, ways to store Legos and more. Follow both of these boards as new pins are being added all the time!

-Legos ideas for learning

And remember Legos aren't just for boys!!!! Though I speak about only my son in this post my daughter is also quit addicted to the girly Lego Friends sets.

FREE LEGO Friends Ice Cream set with any LEGO Friends purchase Valid 8.1.13 - 8.31.13 or while supplies last.

Be sure to check out my other Learning With Legos posts! Also my Lego loving son has his very own blog now, "Minifig Homeschool Adventures."
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