Southeast Homeschool Fieldtrips

Welcome to Southeast Homeschool Fieldtrips the largest homeschool group in the Southeast USA (AL, GA, SC, TN, FL, NC...and expanding)! . There are over 3,100 families in the group currently and we grow more everyday!

This group is a place to share ANY of the following:

  • Family friendly events
  • Fieldtrip/travel related coupons/deals
  • Homeschool days
  • Fieldtrip/travel ideas
  • Fieldtrip/travel articles
  • Inspirational memes
  • Any and all questions you have about homeschooling
  • Any resources that compliment upcoming fieldtrips and/or events

My goal in creating this group was to have a homeschool group where everyone was welcome regardless of religion, city/state, homeschool method, children's ages, etc. It is a community for homeschoolers who enjoy getting out of the house and learning through experiential opportunities. It is a way to connect with fellow homeschoolers through fieldtrips and other group events.

For events that I personally plan they will mostly be in the Atlanta and Metro Atlanta area. However this group is open to anyone to share events. If you want to create a fieldtrip event for your local area feel free to do it in this group!

Our family has met so many wonderful people through this group and we cannot wait to meet more as we travel and explore the Southeast USA!

You can join the group on Facebook here. Your request to join will be accepted within 1-2 hrs generally. If for some reason it does not get accepted feel free to shoot me an email.  After you join please read this important information.

If you are a venue or group member that would like to submit a fieldtrip idea please submit this Google Doc form. If you are a group member and have an event you'd like to set up you can find how to instructions here.

I have taken on this group because I recognized a NEED in the homeschool community. I do not charge members a fee to be part of the group. As you can imagine it takes me a considerable amount of time to post events, resources, schedule fieldtrips. etc. So if you ever want to make a donation to thank me for my time and effort you can do so here

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