Sunday, June 18, 2017

Urban Adventure Quest Discount

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Our family loves a good adventure and anything that resembles a scavenger hunt. We geocache, do local clue town booklets, discover painted rocks, go picking, dig for rocks and gems, go fossil hunting etc. Not only are we spending time as a family while out on these fun filled adventures but we are most certainly learning as well.

Well I recently learned about a new scavenger hunt adventure where you can turn Atlanta into a giant game board. Urban Adventure Quest combines the excitement of the Amazing Race with a three-hour city tour. Guided from any smart phone, teams make their way among well known and overlooked gems of the city, solving clues and completing challenges while learning local history. You can play anytime during daylight hours. Start when you want and play at your pace. Doesn't that sound like great family fun?

Right now you can save 20% - Only $39.20 for a team of 2-5 people after Promotion Code: FGBLOG. Sign up online at

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Five Ways To Savor Summer At World Of Coca-Cola + A Giveaway

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We have been to The World of Coca-Cola many times and every time we visit we see something new. The World of Coca-Cola offers something for all ages which makes it a great destination for families. So if you are looking for some family fun be sure to check out all that The World of Coca-Cola is uncapping – just in time for summer! With interactive exhibits celebrating everything from Atlanta artists to soccer around the world, World of Coca-Cola is bubbling with exciting ways for families and friends to create memorable moments together.
1. ICE COLD Summer Fun. When you arrive at Pemberton Place on July 15 and 16, expect a warm welcome with a cold beverage. During the “Share an ICE COLD Coke” experience, sip on free customized mini cans of Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero before interacting with the Bubble-izer, one-of-a-kind technology that virtually transforms you into an effervescent fizzy form. Be sure to snap a photo and share your new look with your friends!

2. Pop Culture Paradise. World of Coca-Cola is celebrating 10 years at Pemberton Place with a new Pop Culture Gallery exhibit that is overflowing with creativity and inspiration. “10 Artists, 10 Bottles” features 10 different four-foot sculpted Coke bottles uniquely designed by 10 renowned Atlanta artists. With everything from abstract art to recycled glass bottles, the new gallery offers up a taste of local talent.

3. #InstaFamous. Visitors have been buzzing about the #ShareaCokeWithATL gallery – so much so that World of Coca-Cola is extending the temporary exhibit through November. Featuring the work of 12 local Instagram artists, the #ShareaCokewithATL gallery celebrates the rich history of Atlanta and Coca-Cola with images pairing popular Atlanta landmarks with the iconic glass Coke bottle. Snap and share your own photos using #ShareaCokewithATL for a chance to be featured online by World of Coca-Cola.

4. GOOOOAAAALLLL! Whether you call it “soccer” or “football,” we are all excited to welcome Atlanta United to our hometown. To celebrate the team’s inaugural season and Coca-Cola’s longstanding support of soccer worldwide, World of Coca-Cola is unveiling the “Coke and Soccer” exhibit in the Hub this summer. With more than 20 countries represented, fans of all ages will have a ball exploring the collection of soccer memorabilia.

5. A World of Taste Awaits. Take your palette on an adventure this summer in the Taste It! beverage lounge, where you can sample more than 100 beverages from around the world. Savor new flavors like Indonesia’s Frestea Green Honey or the Dominican Republic’s Country Club Merengue, available for a limited time. Then, head over to the Sampling Bar to try one of the latest products from The Coca-Cola Company, like Honest Sport, which launches nationwide this summer.

Summer Deal:
If you’re thirsting for savings this summer, you’re in luck. In celebration of 10 years at Pemberton Place, World of Coca-Cola will offer a limited-time Summer Pass. Valid May 26 through Aug. 31, the pass provides unlimited chances to chill with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear for just $25 – less than the price of two general admission tickets. Throughout the season, World of Coca-Cola will also announce special offers on its social channels, so follow @WorldofCocaCola on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to score some sweet deals! 

Guess what? One winner will receive 4 tickets to World of Coca-Cola. Just fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below. Only the first entry is mandatory. Other entries are optional and give you extra chances. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way. The winner will be posted on the blog and will be emailed. Winner must reply within 24 hrs with their contact information or another winner will be chosen. Prize will be shipped via USPS (US addresses only). Wait a moment for it to load...

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Historic Oakland Cemetery - Sights, Symbols & Stories

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As strange as it may sound we love exploring cemeteries. Our favorite is Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. We visit this historic garden cemetery several times a year to learn about nature, history, geology and more. Audrey Bierhans said, “Cemeteries should be more than places where stones lie on the ground. Cemeteries hold the stories of the people who have lived in the past ... people who have shaped our past," and I couldn't agree more. 

Oakland Cemetery is a hidden treasure located less than 1 mile from the hustling and bustling city of Atlanta. It is the 3rd largest green space in Atlanta. This sanctuary was founded in 1850 and is the final resting place of many of Atlanta's settlers, builders, and most noted citizens like Bonny Jones, Margaret Mitchell  and Maynard Jackson. And it is also a showplace for some spectacular sculpture and architecture and a luscious garden with ancient oaks and magnolias.

When you walk down the paths of this outdoor museum you are transported through time, and if you listen closely you will hear stories of victories, love and tragedies. Sometimes the epitaphs, grave markers and even the graves location help tell a story, but if you are looking for more details be sure to stop by the gift shop to pick up free guides or to purchase some amazing books on Oaklands resident's.

If stories don't interest you then you can marvel at the sights and symbols that you will come across. The impressive art and architecture can be seen in many styles: Victorian, Greek Revival, Gothic, Neo-classical, Egyptian and Exotic Revival. Several mausoleums feature stained glass windows from Tiffany Studios. Bronze urns over six feet high were cast at Gorham Manufacturing Company in New York, the first art foundry in America.

Oakland also offer many fabulous events and recently started offering homeschool days and educational fieldtrip opportunities. But that's not all, they also have educational resources for parents and teachers.

Also be sure to check out my blog on Clue Town booklets there is one for Oakland.

And my Lessons From The Grave blog post which lists ways you can use cemeteries as an educational opportunity and also lists more amazing cemeteries for GA.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

8 Benefits of Swimming for Fitness

Swimming is a fun activity for kids and adults, but you may not realize there are also many benefits of swimming as a fitness activity. During the summer, going for a swim is a great way to entertain your children or meet up with family and friends for a relaxing, cool activity. However, you can also easily use your swimming pool as the spot for multiple exercises and workouts that bring a wealth of benefits to your body!

Low Impact Activity

Swimming is seen as one of the most popular low impact activities for fitness. There is very little risk of energy, and the water assists in supporting your weight. During a swimming session, you only have to bear 10% of your body weight, thanks to the buoyancy of the water. Because of this, people of all abilities and fitness levels can partake in swimming to get fit or stay in shape. Senior citizens or disabled people confined to wheelchairs can even take part in swimming for fitness.


No-Sweat Exercise

One of the best benefits of swimming for exercise is that you don’t have to sweat to get a good workout in! The cool water of the swimming pool keeps your body temperature down, no matter how intense you are moving in the pool. You won’t even need a shower if you need to rush off to another commitment after your swim. People who are against exercising because it makes them feel icky have no excuses when swimming is an option!

Supports Optimal Oxygen Usage

Swimming requires you to breathe efficiently in order to finish your workout. The more you hold your breath underwater, the more you train your lungs to take deeper breaths. Your body also learns to be more efficient with the oxygen you have. The deeper breaths also help you to expel more carbon dioxide, further support proper lung function.

Another cool side note on swimming benefits on the lungs: The moist air you breathe in while in the pool can help to curb symptoms of asthma, especially cases where your breathing may become difficult during exercise.

Works the Entire Body

You can get that all-body workout you need in less time with swimming. Many fitness gurus see swimming as both a cardio and strength training activity. Wouldn’t you rather be in the pool for 30 minutes and get the same benefits as one hour in the gym, lifting weights and running on the treadmill?

Promotes Cardio Health

Since you are working your entire body when you swim, your heart rate goes up and you burn more calories. Your body needs more energy, which it can get from fat storages in your body. Swimming works just as well as other cardio activities, including jogging or walking, to burn calories and develop improved cardio health.

Provides Multiple Levels of Fitness

Though it is a low impact exercise, swimming exercises can be done in different levels of intensity, depending on your needs. You can choose to participate in a vigorous water aerobics workout, or perform a more leisure swim from one side of the pool to the other multiple times. Again, it’s all about the abilities of the swimmer, and the exercise routine can easily be adjusted to fit the person who wants to get fit in the water.

water aerobics.jpg

Boosts Weight Loss

Because you are working multiple areas of your body at once, swimming is great at burning calories and speeding up your metabolism, This, in turn, will cause you to lose weight. Follow a structured swimming for fitness schedule; 3-4 times per week is sufficient. You can choose to only swim for health, since it is effective enough alone, or add in order exercises such as walking or weights.

Assists with Better Sleep

When you are swimming for an hour or more of exercise each day, you will find your body tired and ready to relax by bedtime. Many people who have had problems falling asleep have found they sleep easier when they swim a few hours before it’s time for bed. The activity also helps to relieve stress and worries that can keep you from getting enough sleep, thanks to the release of “happy” hormones when you exercise.

Creating the Perfect Swimming Atmosphere for Exercise

If you plan to reap the benefits of swimming for fitness, you need to invest in a quality swimming pool for your backyard. That way, you can take a dip and work toward shedding unwanted pounds anytime you feel like it! Create your perfect swimming spot with Rec Warehouse - a popular swimming pool company right here in Georgia. The business offers pools, liners, ladders, chemicals, and everything else you need to keep your workout space up and running.

With locations in Kennesaw, Jonesboro, and Norcross, you can come by and check out the latest pool offerings that Rec Warehouse has anytime you are free. The company’s owner, David Doebler, has grown up around pools his whole life. His father and uncle started Rec Warehouse back in the early 1970’s, and David was their first employee. You will gain all the knowledge you need to properly maintain a swimming pool for exercising from David and his employees!

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spark Curiosity With Guinness World Records 2017: Block Busters

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Hey homeschool moms, do you  have a child that sometimes says they are not interested in anything?  Well when we first began our unschooling journey my children sometimes would say those dreaded words and wouldn't have the slightest idea about what they wanted to learn about. But then we discovered Guinness World Records and Ripley's Believe It Or Not books. After a few minutes of paging through these books my children were full of questions and ideas about things they wanted to delve deeper into learning about. Both of these book series helped make our homeschool a little more interesting and exciting. So if you have a child that says "I am not interested in anything," hand them one of these books and watch their curiosity be sparked.

We recently received Guinness World Records 2017: Blockbusters the newest book in the Guinness World Record portfolio and have been having a blast learning the record-breaking low-down on the top trends and personalities in pop culture. But that is not all that this new book provides. It also adds an educational and entertaining twist by providing information about the real-life records behind  favorite fictional stories. For example you can find facts about the world's largest ocean creatures which served as inspiration for the characters in the 2016 hit movie, Finding  Dory.

Last month we went on a fieldtrip to see the last show for the Greatest Show on Earth. I immediately grabbed our Guinness World Records 2017: Blockbusters book, to see if Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus was highlighted in the book.....and of course they were. They are the longest running circus in the World...147 years this year.

Over the last few months we have used our Guinness World Records book to compliment various fieldtrips, to spark interest and to settle debates. This is definitely one book the entire family will enjoy!

Throughout this book children will discover:

6 chapters featuring kid-focused activities, with captivating features, spreads quizzes and stats:
  1. Watch: learn about box office blockbusters such as X-Men, Disney, Star Trek, Finding Dory and more.
  2. Browse: explore record-breaking vloggers, memes, and impressive social media feats from the digital world.
  3. Read: dive into records from fan-favorites including Dr. Seuss, the Divergent series, Harry Potter and comic books.
  4. Play: examine amazing records relating to popular toys, from Lego and Knex to robots and drones.
  5. Go: check out jaw-dropping roller coasters, impressive circus performances, and attendance feats at sporting events in this section full of records involving outdoor activities and attractions.
  6. Consume: drool over records featuring delicious food, drinks and sweets.
Record breaking activities:   

Throughout the book young readers are encouraged to become the record breaker in the house, and potentially the world by attempting the record-breaking  challenges exclusively featured in the pages of this book. How many underwear can you put on in one minute?

Jaw dropping photographs:

Not only is this book filled with amazing records but it also is filled with fantastic full color photos.

To add to the fun Guinness World Records also has additional exclusive content including interviews with record holders, interesting photos, fun games, quizzes and tutorials on the record-challenges to try at home on their website.

There is also a fantastic Place Value Math Activity download available to compliment the book.

Now available for only $14.99 (currently it's on sale on Amazon), its colorful and kid-friendly pages are filled with fun, educational, and exclusive records of interest to ages 6-12 and will make for the perfect addition to any library. It also strongly emphasizes reading and activities (which could relate to social & cognitive development, & academic skills) and ultimately be of interest to educators.

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