Friday, May 22, 2015

Travel Is Exploring, Dreaming and Discovering #WORDTraveling

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Last year I had a blast participating in the Travel Effect blog series over at I wrote about Boredom Busters For Road Trips. It was so much fun that I decided to join the fun again. This year the theme was "Travel Is," and I choose the title "Travel Is Exploring, Dreaming and Discovering" for my post.

We love traveling together as a family. Our travels may not be very far (yet), but even on our short, local adventures we enjoy exploring, dreaming and discovering as a family.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain

I don't know about you, but I love that quote (whether or not Mark Twain actually wrote it). It really speaks to me and provides me with encouragement to go after what I truly want for myself and my family. And this quote doesn't just apply to traveling it also applies to life in general. Too often people make excuses whether it be money, time, weather interference's, safety concerns, worries about the future, etc for not venturing away from their safe harbor. They don't realize that there is a HUGE world out there waiting to be explored, dreams to be made and discoveries to be found. The good news is you still have time to throw off your bowlines and sail away into a world of wonder while making special memories with your family!

For more inspiration to get you started with your exploring, dreaming and discovering continue reading the rest of my post over at


Please click the image below to join us for the exciting Travel is... series and to enter the fabulous Travel Giveaway (Over $1,250 in prizes)!


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Family Fun At State And National Parks And Historic Sites

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We love exploring State and National Parks and Historic Sites, not only in Georgia, but in other states too when we are traveling. Sadly they are a resource that a lot of people don't take advantage of enough. Both State and National sites work very hard to create events and activities for families to enjoy that are both fun and educational, but it has been my experience that people are not aware of all that these places have to offer. This post will explain some of our favorite events and activities. I hope that you are able to take advantage of some of these soon!

National Parks:
Most National Parks are very affordable to enter and only charge a parking fee which varies depending on the park. For most of the Georgia National Park sites are only a $3 parking fee. However there are several times during the year where entry into National Parks is FREE.

  • Junior Civil War HistorianOne hundred fifty years ago, our nation nearly tore itself apart. Soldiers in blue and gray struggled on battlefields across the country and changed the face of the United States of America. Complete one of two options to become a Junior Civil War Historian. When done, you will understand how the Civil War shaped our nation's history and become part of a select group of young visitors who truly appreciate how important the Civil War is to us today.

  • Junior Ranger ProgramThe Junior Ranger motto is recited by children around the country; each taking an oath of their own to protect parks, continue to learn about parks, and share their own ranger story with friends and family.  The NPS Junior Ranger program is an activity based program conducted in almost all parks, and some Junior Ranger programs are national. Many national parks offer young visitors the opportunity to join the National Park Service "family" as Junior Rangers. Interested youth complete a series of activities during a park visit, share their answers with a park ranger, and receive an official Junior Ranger patch and Junior Ranger certificate. Junior Rangers are typically between the ages of 5 to 13, although people of all ages can participate.
  • Civil War to Civil Rights Trading Cards - This program started in 2011 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and to encourage families to visit multiple national parks. There are more than 500 cards from nearly 90 national parks in 31 states. To earn cards simply participate in programs, make good observations, or ask or answer questions. For an entire list of the National Parks that have cards click here (this is not the most current list because it is from 2012, but I couldn't find and updated one on their website). 
  • Passport To Your National Parks Program - America's National Parks are presented in one handy booklet with the Passport To Your National Parks program. The 104-page travelogue includes color-coded maps, pre-visit information, illustrations and photographs. It also includes a list of every national park area in the United States. Spaces allow you to collect the series of commemorative Passport stamps issued each year. You can order the booklet here or pick one up at a National Parks gift shop. 
  • Discovery Backpacks - Many of the National Parks offer Discovery Packs that you can check out for FREE at the visitor center. The backpack is filled with all materials that you will need to have a fun nature learning adventure with your kids. (not all parks offer these)
  • Monthly Events - Every month National Parks Sites across the country offer events and programs. Just check the website frequently. Also when visiting a National Park check to see if they have an app, Many of them now offer fun interactive app tours, like these which are great for kids.
If you can't currently travel, but are anxious to start learning about our countries National Parks then check out these fun virtual programs.
  • WebRangers - WebRangers is the online extension of the Junior Ranger program. It's a website for kids of all ages. If you love our National Parks, Historic Sites, and Monuments, then this site is for you.
  • Flat Ranger -  Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown is the story of a boy who is flattened by a bulletin board. Because he is flat, he can travel by mail (which costs a lot less than traveling by plane or car). Like Flat Stanley, Flat Rangers travel across the country by mail. They visit America's National Parks and send home pictures and information about all the places they see. (letter and templates can be found on the website)  There is also a traveling Clara Barton.
  • Sesame Street Explores National Parks - Travel with fun-loving Muppets Elmo and Murray from Sesame Street to two of America's most popular national parks in the new online series Sesame Street Explores National Parks. Watch educational videos and download lots FREE resources!
  • Archaeology For Kids - Do you like digging in the dirt? Finding things that are lost? Putting pieces together? Figuring out stories from clues? Learning about the past? These are all things archaeologists do—maybe you're one, too! 

Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites:
Georgia State Parks charge a $5 parking fee, If you plan to visit a lot of them I suggest the annual $50 pass. The cost for Historic Sites varies and generally runs between $3-$7 per person. However there are a couple times a year that the State Parks and Historic Sites offer FREE admission. Another option that enables you to visit for FREE is checking out the State Parks or Historic Site passes at your local library.

  • Junior Ranger and Get Outdoors Program - Children ages 6-12 will have fun learning in the outdoors as they work toward earning a Junior Ranger badge. By following the guidelines in the Junior Ranger Activity Book they will experience nature first-hand, explore Georgia's fascinating history and enjoy outdoor recreational activities. The experience builds as children work their way through three badge levels. For even more fun children can also earn a Get Outdoors Georgia Gopher Badge. Choose from a list of 16 different badge requirements that will get you outdoors and help you learn about nature.
  • Civil War BadgeGeorgia State Parks and Historic Sites is offering a limited edition Civil War badge as we commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. "Kids" ages 7-70 will have fun exploring sites in Georgia that were touched by this historic event. (limited time)
  • State Park GeoTour (State Parks and Historic sites) Using a GPS or smartphone with a GPS app, you search 61 Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites locations around the state to discover hidden containers or “caches” which contain a small prize. (The coordinates to all caches are available online at You take a prize and then leave one for the next person. After signing the logbook to document your success, you go back online and share your experience.
  • First Time Camper If you've always wanted to try camping, but weren’t sure how to begin -- we can help. Through our First-Time Camper program, you’ll get borrowed gear, expert advice, two nights’ accommodations and more...all for $50.
  • Monthly Events and Homeschool Days - Every month the Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites offer events and programs. Just check the website frequently or utilize the Pocket Ranger App.
  • Educational Resources for Teachers and Parents - view and download numerous resources including animal case studies. fieldtrip guides, educational videos, tour curriculum and more. 
  • Park Clubs and Challenges - Are you a mountain biker, canyon climber or paddler? Then your family will love these fun clubs and challenges. 

Did you know that during May and June, parks all across the country will be celebrating nature and outdoor recreation? Check out all these great upcoming ways to celebrate outdoor fun Kids to Parks Day (May 16), Great Outdoors Month (June), National Trails Day (June 6), National Get Outdoors Day (June 13) and the Great American Backyard Campout (June 27). 

What activity do you think your family will do first? Did I miss highlighting any family fun events or activities that these two places offer?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

FREE Summer Reading Programs For 2015

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It's that time again...time for Summer reading programs! For the last few years I have been putting together a post that lists all the FREE Summer reading programs in one place. It has always been a HUGE hit so here are the programs for 2015. All of these programs offer children some great incentives so its a great way to encourage reading over the next few months. And if your anything like us you read a lot!

So hear are 12 programs for 2015 to keep you busy reading all Summer long!

1) Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge - In Summer 2014, students around the world logged millions of reading minutes. Can you help set a new world record for summer reading? Sign up your children. Then all your children need to do is read books, log minutes and earn prizes.

2) Book It Reading Sweepstakes - Starting in June children K-6 who read five books will be eligible  to enter for a chance to win a summer fun prize package. Fill out the entry form here (will update once it is posted). (updated info for 2015 is not yet posted)

*Don't forget to also register for the BOOK IT program for 2014-2016. Your children can earn FREE personal pan pizzas through this program.

3) Book Adventure - Sylvan offers a reading incentive program. Children will read books and then take a simple comprehension quiz to make sure they understood what they read. There are hundreds of books to choose from in all reading levels. Kids can earn fun prizes!

4) Barnes & Noble Imagination Destination - This is one of our FAVORITE summer reading programs. We have done this for the last two years and both kids love earning their special prize. Children will log the books they read on the provided log. After they meet the requirement they can take it into a Barnes and Nobles to receive a FREE book. 

Barnes and Noble also offers free storytime. You can enter your zip code here to see a list of events at your store.

5) Junie B Jones Reading Club – Sign up and get access to fun Junie B. activity sheets and a reading log.

6) National Amusements Theaters Bookworm Wednesdays - Your child can earn a FREE movie ticket from National Amusements Theaters when they read a book and complete a book report. Not available in all cities.

Header Image

7) Pottery Barn Kids Summer Reading Challenge - From May 16th - August 26th kids can attend Pottery Barns story time for children of all ages on Tuesdays at 11am. Your child will receive a passport and once they attend 5 storytimes, they get a FREE gift.

Book Club

9) TD Bank Summer Reading Program – Read and keep track of 10 books this summer and your child will get $10 added to their Young Saver Account FREE! Not available in all cities.

10) Chuck E. Cheese – Children earn 10 FREE tokens every time they read 2 weeks in a row.  Just fill out the form and take it into your local Chuck E. Cheese to claim your free tokens.

Reading rewards calendar

11) Half Price Books - (ages 14 and under) Children can earn a $5 gift card when they read at least 15 minutes a day. Once they reach 300 minutes they just turn in the completed reading log and they will receive the $5 HPB Back-to-School Bucks reading reward for the month. Not available in all cities.

12) Heifer International Read to FeedThe Read to Feed program encourages reading, while heightening students’ awareness that their actions make a difference in the lives of others. As students read more books, they improve their reading abilities and more families receive gifts of livestock and training. Children (individually or as a group) get sponsors for each book (or chapter or page) they read during a time frame set by their Read to Feed leader. At the end of the program, the group pools its funds and donates them to Heifer International. There are lots of resources including curriculum on the Heifer International website.

13) Books A Milliom Summer Reading - The Books a Million Summer Reading Program offers kids a FREE Pencil and Pencil Case from the John Grisham book Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer – for reading 6 select books. Complete this form.

14) Local Library - Don't forget to also check your local public library! Many library's offer great Summer reading programs. Ours has one starting at the beginning of June. Our library also offers weekly story times.


15) Six Flags Read To Succeed - This program takes place during the school year and earns children a ticket to Six Flags for the Summer. Read to Succeed is an exciting program that encourages students in grades K through 6 to read for fun. Students who complete six hours of recreational reading earn a free ticket to Six Flags! The program is available to teachers and schools at no cost to participate, and it's a great way to motivate kids to read.


16) Usborne Reach For The StarsThis program is a generous pledge-based reading incentive program, designed to benefit schools, individual classrooms, clubs, pre-schools, church groups, home school groups, charities, businesses and public libraries. The goal of Reach for the Stars!! Is for participants to read, or be read to, for 300 minutes over a two week period of time, thus developing a reading routine, receiving Usborne and Kane Miller books for participating...which makes it the perfect summer reading program. (for more information contact me, I am an Usborne consultant)

Reach for the stars materials
As Dr. Seuss said, :The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

Have a great Summer and happy reading. If you know of any other programs please share them in the comments below so I can add them to the list.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

How To Spend A Day In Dahlonega Georgia

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We love traveling and exploring our amazing home state of Georgia, but right now we are restricted to trips that are only about 2 hours from our home (which is just North of Atlanta). Last year I was trying to find us a new place to explore that was within our 2 hour drive limit and decided on Dahlonega.

Dahlonega is the site of the first major U.S. Gold Rush and the Heart of Georgia Wine Country. This amazing little mountain city offers something for everyone. Some of the things you can enjoy include outstanding arts and gold medal wineries, original architecture and gold history attractions, outdoor adventure and a Golden Bear signature golf course and the University of North Georgia with its signature gold steeple.

If you are looking to spend a day in Dahlonega and spend a very small amount of money I have the perfect itinerary for you!

1) Dahlonega Gold Museum - This museum takes about 1-1 1/2 hrs to get through. Admission is $7 for adults, $4.50 for children ages 6 and older and $2 for children 6 and under.

The museum is housed inside the 1836  Lumpkin County Courthouse, the oldest courthouse Georgia. So not only can you learn about the gold history of Dahlonega you can also explore the courthouse features like the beautiful wooden chapel seats from 1889 and the judge's chambers. You can even see the flecks of gold in the bricks! The museum is two stories and only the first floor is wheelchair accessible. One the first floor of the museum you will learn all about the gold rush, see a complete set of rare coins (safely secured inside a giant vault), a nugget weighing more than five ounces, a fantastic rock, gem and mineral collection and more. On the second floor there is a great 23 minute that film describes the mining techniques and lifestyles of the prospectors through interviews with members of long time mining families of the area. There is also a large hydraulic cannon and nozzle on display that was used to blast soil from mountainsides as well as numerous artifacts. On your way out be sure to visit the gift shop to take home some gold of your own! If you are a homeschool family or teacher be sure to download the Georgia historic sites tour curriculum.

2) Mount Hope Cemetery - This stop takes about 1 hr. Admission is FREE. Please be respectful of those resting here.

Our family loves cemeteries because they are very educational. Be sure to check out my Lessons From The Grave post which will explain more about why we visit cemeteries.

This cemetery is really special for several reasons. The first is that it is an old pre-Civil War cemetery. And the second is that it is one of the few cemeteries that still has several "Slot and Tab" grave markers which are found only in this part of the country. The cemetery has 1,000-2,000 grave sites and has an interesting mix of old and new grave markers. It is the resting place for Confederate officer William Pierce Price (State Legislator and US Congressman), member of the Philips Legion Infantry - Co E - The Blue Ridge Rifles Jesse Marion “J. M.” McDonald  and three Revolutionary War veterans.

3) University of North Georgia - You don't even have to get out of the car for this one. As you drive to the next stop make sure yo pass the University of North Georgia to check out the stunning gold steeple! Admission is FREE. You can also get a good view of the gold steeple from the cemetery.

4) Yahoola United Cherokee Museum and Cultural Education Center - This stop takes about 1 hr. Admission is $5.00 for adults and $2.50 for children ages 4 and older.

We really stumbled upon this museum by accident and I am so glad we did. My daughter is fascinated with the Native American culture so we are always looking for ways to learn more. This museum is a work in progress and not too big...but what they have on display and what they are trying to accomplish is amazing.

The Yahoola United Cherokee Museum and Cultural Education Center is a 501(c) (3) Non Profit Corporation. Their mission is to build a Museum and Education Center that will not only tell the Cherokee side of Dahlonega history and surrounding areas, but also take you on a journey back through time. Dahlonega was and is a central player in an often over looked and ignored side of Cherokee history....remember the trail of tears?  It was because of the gold discovery in the Taquohee district of the Cherokee Nation (several miles east of present day Dahlonega) that the Native Americans were driven from their homes. The temporary museum in downtown Dahlonega (phase 1) currently features interactive displays and living history displays. The fact that they were interactive and that children where encouraged to touch was a HUGE plus in our book. There were numerous artifacts and authentic reproductions of tools, weaponry and other articles. Even the gift shop was amazing and everything that is for sale is handmade by Native Americans around the USA.

The museum needs help though to expand and make their ultimate dream a reality...which is to build a museum on a 5 acre spot non Highway 115. The museum building with replicate the traditional seven-sided Cherokee Council House.  It will share Cherokee culture that is oriented toward children. Phase 2 has broken ground and a demonstration area has been built to show stomp ground, medicinal plants and trees and demonstrate weapons and hunting implements. 

5) Cane Creek Falls - This stop takes about 1 - 1/2 hours. Admission is FREE. This is private property and belongs to Glisson Camp and Retreat Center, however they do allow public visitors to view the falls (when no retreats are in session). Just park at the visitors center, check in, then take a nice stroll down to the falls (you can also drive down).

The falls are absolutely beautiful and there is a top of the falls viewing deck and a nice wooded path above and below the falls where you can enjoy nature. If you walk to the falls from the visitor center it is about 1 mile round trip. you can also opt to drive down to the base of the falls.

6) Trahlyta's Grave - This stop takes about 15 minutes. Admission is FREE. Use extreme caution when getting out of your car if you decide to visit the actual grave to place a is a very busy intersection. We parked on the shoulder of the road. 

Legend has it that this mysterious pile of stones marks the grave of a Cherokee princess, Trahlyta. According to the legend her tribe, living on Cedar Mountain north of the site, knew the secret of the magic springs of eternal youth from the Witch of Cedar Mountain. Trahlyta was kidnapped by a rejected suitor, Wahsega, and was taken far away and lost her beauty. As she was dying, Wahsega promised to bury her here near her home and the magic springs. Custom arose among the Indians and later the Whites to drop stones, one for each passerby, on her grave for good fortune. The magic springs, now known as Porter Springs, lie 1/4 mile northeast of the site.

As much as I love legends we were told by a couple Native Americans that the legend is false and that the pile of stones is just that a pile of stones. However we still dropped a couple stones on the site. For the address visit the Dahlonega website.

7) Babyland General Hospital (Cabbage Patch) - This stop takes about 1 - 1 1/2 hrs. Admission is FREE. This place is located in Cleveland, GA a neighboring city just 15 miles east of Dahlonega.

This fun little place is situated on 650 acres in the North Georgia Mountains. The Southern Style home is filled with thousands of Cabbage Patch Kids just waiting to be adopted. Mother Cabbage is always on display beneath the branches of the Magic Crystal Tree and the magical Cabbage Patch is tended by the Licensed Patch Doctors and Nurses. This is the only place in the world where you can witness the birth of hand-sculpted Cabbage Patch Kids. If you want you can even take the Oath of Adoption and take home your perfect  Cabbage Patch Kid match. 

In between all your stops be sure to grab a few geocaches too!

And there you have it, how to spend a day in Daholnega and experience history, culture, science and more without breaking the bank.  For a family of 4 this trip itinerary will cost just under $40 (not including gas or food).

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Down On The Farm - Books, Seed Experiment and More

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We had tons of fun with the Poppins Book Nook blog series last year and we will be continuing that fun all throughout 2015. This month's theme was, "Farms" Keep reading to learn more about the books we read, experiment we did and to grab your FREE science experiment journal page. There is also a giveaway at the end of the post! To check out all of our past Poppins Book Nook posts click here.

This months theme was farms and we read two different books. The first book we read is a classic, The Little Red Hen. This book is about Little Red Hen and her farm animal friends and teaches a valuable lesson about teamwork. It is one of my favorite folktales and fit nicely with the farm theme.

The second book read was In The Barn (Historic Communities). In the Barn shows how the barn was the center of activity on a busy settler farm. Types of barns, barn tools, barnyard animals, children's chores, the barn through the seasons, and more are covered in this fun book. 

More great books about farms you should check out include: The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales, Peek Inside The Farm,  and 1001 Things To Spot On The Farm.

Picture of 1001 Things to Spot on the Farm Sticker Book

We did a fun experiment this month to go along with our farm books. Since Spring is here and we learned about different types of crops we thought watching seeds germinate would be a fun experiment. We planted corn seeds and beans in ours, but you could do other seed types. 

  • Large plastic cup
  • Paper towel folded about 10 inches x 10 inches (thick brown paper towel works best)
  • Seeds
  • Water
  • Soil
  1. Fold the paper towel in half to make it thicker (it should be about 5 inches x 10 inches). Place the paper towel inside the cup so that it is circling the inside, 
  2. Fill the cup on the inside of the paper towel with soil.
  3. Add 3/4 cup of tap water to the container and wait 5 minutes for the water to saturate the paper towel.
  4. Add seeds in between the plastic cup and paper towel, about 1 inch below the edge of the paper. 
  5. Sit back and watch the seeds grow.
  6. When the top edge of the paper becomes dry add more water.
Have fun and experiment with different types of seeds. Observe the roots, stems, leaves, etc as the plant grows.

YouTube Video About Corn:

Free Journal Pages:
Here is the Science Experiment journal page that goes along great with the seed experiment. Download your copy here or click the picture below.

Free Farm Lapbook:
Head over to Enchanted Homeschooling Mom to grab a Free Farm Lapbook!

Poppins Book Nook Farms Activity Pack

Here is a list of the wonderful bloggers participating in the Poppins Book Nook be sure to visit them for more fun ideas:

Down on the Farm Bundle Giveaway!
Swing your partner round and round and come on down to the farm this month with the Poppins Book Nook! Every month this group will be offering readers a chance to win a brand new storybook or product that ties in with our theme for the month. This month one lucky entrant will win the Down on the Farm Bundle. The winner will enjoy two fun farm themed learning items. The two items that they will win is the Farming storybook by author Gail Gibbons and Safari Ltd Farm Babies TOOB. Let the farm themed learning fun begin! 

Entrants must be 18 years or older and reside in a country that receives U.S. Postal mail. This giveaway is brought to you by the company Enchanted Homeschooling Momwho is owner and founder of the Poppins Book Nook. By entering this giveaway you are also acknowledging that you have read and agree to all of the PromoSimple terms & conditions as well as Enchanted Homeschooling Mom's disclosures found here

Just enter the PromoSimple below to win:

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