We welcome paid advertisement for products and services that are relevant to our blog. Advertisement is available via ads on the side bar or sponsored posts.

Please view my full media kit for analytic information and advertising/sponsor opportunities.

Ads on side bar:

  • 125x125 badge* - $20 per month for top left sidebar ad. If you commit to 3 months you get a 10% discount so $54 for 3 months. In addition your badge and any special promotions you are running for the month will also be shared in my sponsor post at the beginning of the month(s) (which you have purchased advertising for).

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts vary, please contact me for details.

Twitter Parties

I am a HUGE fan of Twitter parties and have hosted a few.  If you are interested in learning about Twitter parties, please contact me.

Facebook Parties

Facebook parties are another great opportunity to increase your Facebook followers and reach your readers. I have also hosted a couple Facebook parties. Again, if you are interested in learning more about Facebook parties, please contact me.

*Graphics are to be provided by the company requesting the advertisement.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


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