We are always open to requests for review products, as well as giveaways. We are also open to sponsors (by offering ad space on our pages).

Please view my full media kit for analytic information and review/advertising/sponsor opportunities.

One of the purposes of our blog is to provide the homeschooling community with reviews on educational products that will assist them with their homeschool journey. We also love to bless families with amazing prizes through giveaways. We consider all products we receive to review a huge blessing for our family.

We are open to review products in the following areas:
  • Homeschool Curriculum
  • Music Resources
  • Family Friendly Books
  • Art Resources
  • Physical Fitness Resources
  • Special Needs Learning Resources
  • Family Friendly Movies
  • Educational Toys
  • Cooking Supplies
  • Educational Games
 You can view some of our past product reviews here.

In addition we are also open to providing travel/field trip reviews. You can view some of our past travel related reviews here

Our entire family enjoys helping with reviews. We often provide vlogs about products as well, which will be placed on YouTube. We provide a thorough, 100% honest reviews. All review are shared on multiple social media outlets for maximum exposure. My children's opinions are incorporated into each review as well (unless it is a parent resource only).

It is our goal to help you expand your business while also assisting our readers with finding valuable products for their family.

Here are what some of the companies we have worked for have to say about my work:
  • "Thanks so much Kathy!!! Such a wonderful post and great use of photos throughout. We are so glad you had a great stay with us!" - Crown Reef Resort
  • "Your posts are wonderful and easy to share - full of great information and beautifully written. I'm sure visitation to Albany/Radium Springs and Providence will increase, as will traffic to everywhere else listed." -  LRC Media
  • "Thanks, really good post, one of the best!" -
  • "Thanks for the amazing review and I’m glad to hear your family had a good time." - Treetop Quest

If you are in need of a review for a product please consider our family. Please contact me.


Diane HUrst said...

Kathy, your contact me link didn't work for me with my computer; but you are a winner in the Homeschool Mosaics giveaway for two ebooks of your choice from Gentle Shepherd. Please let me know which ebooks you would like, through email -- -- Diane Hurst

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