Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY Lego Storage Bin And Play Center On Wheels

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Earlier this year Rowyn developed a love for Lego's. He is officially addicted and eats, sleeps (he does literally sleep with them) and breathes Lego's. There are days where he will spend 8 + hours playing with them. He has a wardrobe of Lego T-shirts, a collection of books and magazines and every month he now attends Lego Club at our local Lego Store. Because of his passion for Lego's I am actually in the process gathering various resources to put together a Lego curriculum for him for next school year. And thanks to my wonderful husband, Rowyn now has a terrific way to tote his Lego's around the apartment with leaving a trail behind him...and he also has a nifty little play area too.

Here is my DIY tutorial on how to make your very own Lego Storage Bin and Play Center On Wheels:

1) Purchase a 38 quart rolling cooler, like this one from Amazon or Walmart. They generally cost between $21.00-$24.00 on sale.
2) Purchase a large 15" x 15" Lego plate, like this one on Amazon. We choose to use grey. These generally cost around $14.00.
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3) Next make a template for the inside of the lid using a piece of cardboard.
4) Using a dremel cut the Lego plate using the template you created. My hubby did this part.
5) Sand the edges of the plate to make them nice and smooth.
6) Sand the bottom of the plate and the top of the cooler to make it rough which will allow the glue hold better.
7) Using a strong adhesive like Goop, glue the plate to the top of the cooler. Place lots of heavy books on top to make sure it fully adheres. Allow it to dry completely. You may have to use some super glue around the edges as well.

8) Fill the cooler with Legos. This was my sons favorite part!

9) Decorate the outside with fun Lego stickers. I found some really cool Lego letter stickers and Mini Fig stickers on Red Bubble.

10) Have fun and PLAY! My sons 2nd favorite part. He loves that he can create fun things and then display them on the top of his storage bin to show daddy when he gets home.

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Colleen said...

What a great project!

Michele P said...

What a fun idea Kathy! Just wait..it just continues to grow. Pretty soon you will need them lining the room! ;)

Winona Rogers said...

Love this-what a wonderful idea and very creative!

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