Saturday, July 6, 2013

DIY LEGO Wall Art For Less Than $5.00

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As you know we are getting ready to move. Well both kids are REALLY excited, because they will finally be getting their own rooms. The last few days we have been very busy painting and crafting. Rowyn's bedroom theme is going to be LEGO's and superheros. And Gwyn's bedroom theme is fairies and horses.

As you know LEGO wall art can be expensive (and we are trying to not spend a lot of money right now), so I decided to get crafty!

These awesome wall art pieces were not only super easy to make, but also very inexpensive. They cost me less than $5 each to make!

-Lego Scrapbook Kit (I found mine on sale at Michael's for $2.99).
-Frames (another sale item at Michaels for $1.79).
-Lego Club Magazines (sign up to receive these FREE each month or you can also visit your local store and ask for a copy). I had my son choose his favorite characters/themes.
-Scissors, paper cutter, double sided tape.
-Colored scrapbook paper for matting.

Next get creative and have fun scrapping. There is NO wrong way to create these fun wall art pieces! I have plans to make a couple more (probably a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle one and another superhero one)! If you decide to head to Michael's DON'T forget about the teacher/homeschool discount.

I hope this post inspired you to get crafty!


Crystal said...

Love this idea.... if only my children would let me HAVE those Lego magazines! LOL!

future.flying.saucers said...

What a fantastic idea!! I'm going to have to file this away in the back of my brain and snag the "unloved" magazines as I find them......then I can be creative!

Kathy Balman said...

We had doubles of several because they hand them out at the Lego stores.

Kathy Balman said...

Well when I told him what I was doing and let him choose the images he was very willing :)Im plus we had duplicates and triplicates of some magazines thanks to our Lego store.

Brittney said...

Sooo FUN! My boys would love this!

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