Thursday, March 27, 2014

Yellow Chirping Chicks and Feathered Hen Egg Holders

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Easter is only a month away so last week we decided to get a jump on our Easter crafting. We made two chicken crafts using egg carton. These were super simple and tons of fun.

Egg Carton Chirping Chicks
These little yellow chicks are so much fun to make and make a great candy holder!

-Egg carton cups
-Yellow paint
-Orange and yellow construction paper or craft foam
-Wiggly eyes

What to do:
1. Cut two cups from an egg carton and trim them to smooth out the tops.
2. Paint the cups yellow and let them dry.
3. Tape the two cups together on the inside using a piece of tape. See photo above.
4. Cut a beak and feet out of the construction paper or craft foam and glue onto the chick.
5. Glue on wiggly eyes.
6. Glue on feathers for the wings.
7. Feed your chirping chick a tasty treat (jellybeans, etc). 

Egg Carton Hen Egg Holders
These little hens are so adorable, easy to make and can hold safely hold your decorated Easter eggs or plastic eggs.

-Egg cartons
-Wiggle eyes
-Yellow and red craft foam
-Paint (white, brown)
-Decorated Easter egg or plastic egg

What to do:
1. Cut the egg cartons, the edges of egg carton work best. Shape the body with scissors to round out rough edges. See photo above for cutting details. 
2. If you wish paint your hen white, brown etc. We opted to keep ours natural.
3. Cut a beak and waddle out of craft foam and glue them onto the hen.
4. Glue on the wiggle eyes.
5. For the wings, tail and crest glue feathers onto the sides and back of the hen.
6. Place a decorated Easter egg or plastic egg into your feathered hen egg holder!

What kind of fun Easter crafts have you been making?

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