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Book Addicts And Proud Of It

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Welcome to day 2 of the 5 day homeschool essentials blog hop. Homeschool essentials will be different for every homeschool family. So make sure you visit the other TOS crew members to see what their essentials are. I hope you enjoy this blog hop series and find some helpful information along the way!

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We are book ADDICTS. I estimate we own well over 1,5000 books (including eBooks)! All of our bookcases are filled with books and there is no more room for more. There are literally books behind books because I am running out of room.

You would think eBooks would put an end to the book hoarding right? Well guess again. eBooks are great for some things like car trips or doctor visits but I LOVE "real" paper books even MORE. Plus paper books smell good especially the old ones!

Each week we take a trip to the library to check out books...and most of the time while we are there we buy some too. I mean who can pass up books for 50 cents? And then there's Goodwill and Read It Again which both have an awesome selection of used books. Talk about dangerous places! A few weeks ago I said to my daughter, while entering the Read It Again bookstore, that it was a dangerous place for us. To which she replied, "mommy it's only dangerous if a book falls on your head." I then explained that it was dangerous to my wallet and our bookshelves! Books are a homeschool essential for us because the majority of what our family learns everyday is from reading books. We read about 10 books a day! Oh yeah back to the the library, I forgot to mention how many books we typically have checked out at one time...125-175. Yup you read that right! We use actually have to use a suitcase for our library trips and when we get them home we store them in a Radio Flyer wagon. Told you we were addicted.

So here are 10 reasons we love books and why they are essential to our homeschool:

1) They teach us amazing things. Dr. Seuss was totally right, "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”
2) You can NEVER read them all and you can read the ones you love over and over again!
3) They create special memories for us. Books create all sorts of special memories for us like the memory of where and when the book was read (like on a special trip) or perhaps the memory of getting the author or illustrator to sign your book. And there is of course the memory of the actual book itself and what it was about.
4) They help us escape the crazy, hectic, technology filled world for a little bit.
5) They are great way for our family to spend quality, cuddle time together.
6) They look fabulous on our bookshelves and make our Dr. Seuss themed homeschool room look colorful and fun...think of how boring it would look without any books.

7) They are a great conversation starters.
8) The illustrations and book jackets are intriguing and beautiful...especially if you are an aspiring artist.
9) They are portable. You can read them anywhere you want to. In a tree, in the tub, in the car, at the pond...learning on the go is so much fun!
10) They let us travel to amazing Worlds both real and fictional.  Reading allows us to travel to places we have never been and may never get to see. They allow us to experience different culture, scenery and more.

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What is essential in your homeschool?

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