Monday, January 20, 2014

Chicken Kale Soup (Paleo) And Make It Monday Link Up

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Last week I shared a quick and easy Paleo Chicken Noodle Soup. Well today I have an easy, Chicken Kale Soup recipe for you.  It was our first time trying kale and the entire family loved this yummy gluten free, dairy free, grain free soup. The flavors are absolutely amazing!

Chicken Kale Soup
Serves 4

-2 tablespoons of olive oil
-2 large carrots, chopped
-1 medium onion, chopped
-1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into small bite sized pieces (I used leftovers from the whole chicken we had for dinner the night before)
-1 teaspoon of ginger
-1/4 teaspoon of ground cumin
-1/2 teaspoon of chili powder
-1 teaspoon soy sauce
-4 cups of homemade chicken bone broth (also made from the whole chicken we had for dinner the night before)
-1 bunch of kale, remove the ribs and chop the leaves
-Salt and pepper to taste (I used Adobo in place of salt)

1. Heat the oil in a large pot over medium-high heat until simmering. Add the onion and carrots and cook until they are soft. About 5 minutes.
2. Add chicken and cook for about 3 minutes. Add ginger, cumin, chili powder and soy sauce. Stir and cook for about 2 minutes.
3. Add chicken bone broth. Turn heat to high and bring soup to a boil. After it begins to boil, reduce heat to low.
4. Simmer soup on low for about 15 minutes.
5. Add chopped kale and cook for another 2-3 minutes or until kale is tender.
6. Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve it up!

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Chris said...

Thanks so much for hsosing!!

Chris said...

OOPS, sorry.rushing!
Thanks for HOSTING!!

Debbie Lamb said...

The Kale Soup looks delicious. My family loves soup! Shopping tomorrow - I will pick up all items needed to make this soup on Saturday.

Elizabeth Towns said...

I am finding the greatest recipes this week! I am already ready to make two of them this week. I’m going to have to save this one for early next week. I love, love, love a good soup. I made another soup with kale that turned out wonderfully.

Debbie Denny said...

I have never tried Kale that I know of. This soup sounds really good.

Amy Desrosiers said...

The Paleo diet is such a healthy one! I dabble in it but nothing really serious!

Virginia @thatbaldchick said...

That soup looks awesome. I love kale!

Angela said...

I have been looking for more recipes that use kale. This looks great!

Ave T said...

I really love chcken soups, but never have thought on using kale with it! Thanks for a great idea!

Pam W said...

I like chicken soups with greens in them but I have never tried one with kale. Looks great.

brett said...

we haven't actually ever tried kale (yet) i need to!

Cynthia L said...

This soup looks so delicious. I have recently tried Kale and I really enjoyed it. I will have to try this soup! Thanks for the party too!

Debi@TheSpringMount6Pack said...

It sounds fantastic. I have never had Kale any other way than kale chips.

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