Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Top 10 Websites To Read Stories Online For FREE

If you kids are anything like mine they love having stories read to them. I read anywhere from 2-5 books a day to my kids but it never fails they want to hear more. So thanks to these great websites they can hear more great stories while I can get some things done around our home. Plus many of these websites also help teach kids to read which is an added bonus.

Top 10 Websites To Read Stories Online For FREE...

1) We Give Books - this is a fabulous website that lets your kids listen to and read stories online for FREE and by doing so they help put books into the hands of children who don't have them.
2) Mighty Book  - this website has lots of great freebees like books, music and more.
3) Learn to Read for Free - this website features easy readers which include the first 55 words children typically learn to read.
4) Meme Tales - download the app to your desired device. Each week there are a few books you can get for FREE which are added to your library so you can read them over and over again.
5) Howard Wiggle Bottom - these are great character lesson books.
6) Barnes and Nobles - there are always great stories online that are read either by the author or famous people.
7) Starfall - there are several fun easy reader books on Starfall.
8) Storyline Online - lots of great free stories read by actors. There are also great resources to go with each book.
9) StoryNory - lots of great stories for the upcoming holidays.
10) Turtle Diary - lots of great early readers.

I have a few others but these are probably my most favorite.

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Do you have any additional websites to share?

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Thank you for sharing! Awesome list! I found your site from I can teach my child-show n share Sat. Thanks!


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