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2 Reviews Henry Morris Study Bible and Advice For Seekers As Well As A Facebook Party Reminder

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This month I have two great books share with you. One is the Henry Morris Study Bible and is published by New Leaf Publishing. The other is Advice for Seekers and is published by Attic Books (a division of New Leaf Publishing).

A moms review:
Sadly I have not had a lot of spare time on my hands to read anything for myself, so this is not one of my best reviews. But I still wanted to be sure to share some details about these 2 great books as well as give you the details about the Moms of Master Book Facebook party for this month.

Advice for Seekers

Advice for Seekers:
Like I mentioned I have not really had time to read this book. When it first arrived my immediate thought was, "what a beautiful little book, it is just the perfect size carry around with you in your purse." When I opened the book I fell in love with the old fashioned look of the font and pages. The Advice for Seekers book is a recreation of "Words of Advice for Seekers" which Spurgeon wrote in 1986. I absolutely love the torn pages and that they kept all the original language and spellings from the original book. This book was designed to assist the reader in seeking out the truth. This book will help guide you on the right path.

What stands in the way?
The tough answer just might be: you.

Check out this video about Advice for Seekers:

More about Advice for Seekers:
Many people get lost in their faith walk by using the map of their own understanding rather than the guidance of God. Spurgeon, one of Christianity’s most enduring influences, helps set the seeker on the path of peace. In his classic work, Advice for Seekers, Spurgeon offers Scriptural truths to help remove the obstacles so the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be grasped.

From his own experiences and his years of ministry, C.H. Spurgeon shares a gentle spirit of grace through his words to comfort and encourage those desiring to know the Lord.

Chapters inside this exquisite reproduction of a late 1890’s classic work include:
  • Do not Try to Save Yourself
  • Despised Ones Seeking Jesus
  • Seekers Touching Christ
  • Still no Light and Why?
  • and 9 more
Apart from Biblical writers, Spurgeon is considered to be history’s most widely read preacher. Called the “prince of preachers,” he is said to have preached the gospel to over ten million people in his lifetime.

The Henry Morris Study Bible

Henry Morris Study Bible:
As many of you may know we don't attend a church. But we do read the Bible, do devotionals and use many Christian homeschool resources. We own several Bibles and all are different versions. I generally prefer a version that doesn't include the old English text because well it confuses me and I have a hard time grasping what I read. But with The Henry Morris Study Bible which is a King James version there are a lot less worries because there are annotations explain the difficult passages, resolve its contradictions, point out the evidences of its divine origin, confirm its historical accuracy, note its remarkable anticipations of modern science, demonstrate its fulfilled prophecies, and in general remove any doubts about its inerrancy, its authority, and its ability to withstand the attacks of the secular world. Due to these annotations this Bible is much thicker than most so it may not be one you will want to carry with you everywhere...but is a great family Bible. In the back are several full colored Biblical maps as well.

Check out this video on the Henry Morris Study Bible:

More about the Henry Morris Study Bible:
The Henry Morris Study Bible is “an invaluable tool for the defense of the Christian faith” according to Dr. John MacArthur. With over 10,000 study notes, no other resource offers the comprehensive analysis of biblical creation and authority of Scripture as this one presents.

The written Word of God is under attack in our culture like never before. The annotations of this King James Version of the Bible will:
  • explain the Bible’s difficult passages
  • resolve its alleged contradictions
  • point out the evidences of its divine origin
  • confirm its historical accuracy
  • note its remarkable anticipations of modern science
  • remove any doubts about its inerrancy, authority and ability to meet every human need.
This 2,215 page uses a 10 point font and a two column format making it easy to read. Inside you will also find the Words of Christ in red, 22 total appendices, full color maps and a concordance. The hard cover offers an noble and gentle design that both men and women will find attractive. The professional smyth-sewn binding gives this reference tool a life that will span generations.

Dr. Henry Morris is known as the father of modern Creation science, the founder of Institute for Creation Research (ICR) and the author of many well known apologetic books. His thriving legacy continues to equip Christians to be able to defend the accuracy and authority of Scripture today.

a Book & a Bite: Facebook Party

What: Mom's of Master Books Facebook Party

When: February 21,2013 at 9 pm EST

Why: To discuss great books, fellowship with other moms and win great prizes. Prizes include $25 gift certificates to NLPG, Advice for Seekers book, Henry Morris Bible, Journal, Christian Reading Companion for 50 Classics (pre-party prize). As well as some goodies from the bite sponsor Equal Exchange.

**If you are unfamiliar with how to attend a Facebook party see the graphic below. Remember the party is on the Master Books Facebook page. And don't worry if you still don't understand how to join the party, several of the Moms of Master Books will be there to offer guidance and support. Just show up at the Master Books Facebook page and we will walk you through it!**

Where to buy:
You can purchase Advice For Seekers ($14.99) and the Henry Morris Study Bible ($39.99) on the New Leaf Publishing website.

Be sure to check out the other Moms of Master Books reviews as well as the New Leaf Publishing blog post about the party.

*Disclaimer - I received a copy of the Henry Morris Bible and Advice For Seekers in return for this post. I was not compensated for my reviews and all opinions are our own! Many of the links found on my side bars and in my blog posts are affiliate links. As a result, I might get paid money and I will most likely spend the money on homeschool supplies.

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