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10 Easy/Inexpensive Instruments To Make With Your Kids

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Do your kids enjoy music? Mine do! And they enjoy making their instruments even more.

10 easy/inexpensive instruments to make with your kids..

1) Zither - you can make a Zither (or guitar like instrument) using a box or container and some rubber bands.
2) Shekere - the real way to make a Shekere is to dry out a gourd, cut off the top and remove the insides. Then create a net by using beads and twine/nylon string. This YouTube video is very helpful for explaining how to do the beading. But if you don't have a gourd (and don't wish to purchase a kit) you can still make a Shekere using an empty milk jug, instructions can be found on Daria Music.
3) Maracas - simply place a small amount of rice or beans into a plastic egg or vitamin container (virtually any container will work but these are the two types I prefer). For safety reasons tape or glue the plastic egg together or lid onto the container. Then decorate as desired.
4) Tambourine - take a paper plate and fold it in half. Staple around the edges but leave a little space open at the top to add beans or rice, then finish stapling. Decorate as desired and ta-da you have a Tambourine.
5) Drum - take any container and transform it into a drum. We like to use oatmeal containers because the lids make a perfect noise when you beat on them. If you wish to create a drum more similar to a Native American drum you can stretch a piece of vinyl, leather, suede or fake skin over the top of the container. And if you want a more percussion sounding drum you can use a metal can like a coffee can and beat on the bottom.
6) Didgeridoo - we have a real didgeridoo that I picked up on my trip to Australia in 1998. But I don't generally like the kids playing with it too much because it is heavy a special keepsake. So they made their own. All you need is a long tube of some sort like a wrapping paper tube, mailing tube or a piece of PVC tube. Let the kids decorate it any way they choose then have fun learning to play it.
7) Guiro -  find a plastic bottle or can with ridges, take off the wrapper decorate the outside. Then fill the bottle with something like beans, rice or popcorn kernels. Secure the lid with glue for safety. Use an unsharpened pencil or chop stick to rub on the Guiro.
8) Cymbals - take two metal bottlecaps, put a hole in the center of each cap and then put a piece of yarn through each side and knot in place. Decorate the caps as desired. You can find more detailed instructions on Daria Music.
9) Spin Drum - we have one of these that we bought at a Native American event but I found these great, simple instructions on how to make your own, here. This is definitely a instrument that we will be making soon (since my kids fight over the 1 we have).
10) Washboard - here is another one on my to do list. Make a simple washboard instrument using a piece of corrugated cardboard. Follow these instructions.

Now you are ready to have a family band!

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