Thursday, August 16, 2012

Exploring Nature and Nature Journaling

We had a great time yesterday exploring and learning about nature at Autrey Mill. Nature walks and nature journals are a GREAT homeschool activity. It amazes me how much the kids learn on one of our outings. This year I plan to do a lot more of these kinds of days (maybe 3-4 times a month) check out our photos to see why.....

Rescued a box turtle from the road. Dr. Gwyn Balman determined he was fine (it just so happened they brought the toy stethoscope along).

We saw some pretty flowers. We talked about their colors and pollination.

Collected mushrooms for a mushroom specimen board we are going to create (don't worry I will share our finished project right now we are drying out the mushrooms).

We examined interesting bugs. I have not clue what this little white bug is. We tried to figure out what he was using our Audubon Insect App but had no luck. If you know what it is can you leave a comment please.

Worked in our nature journals. Yup even little ones can have a nature journal. Ours consist mostly of pictures with some labels. You don't need anything fancy to do nature journaling just a journal or notebook of some kind, a pencil and/or some colored pencils/crayons. Rowyn decided to use a little notepad he took out of one of the caches we found.

Played with a slug. Gwyn really loved him and found his eyes so fascinating.

Climbed a tree. Yup that's me in a tree this was a Geo Challenge.

Fed the ducks, Alvin, Simon and Theodore. You are not allowed to feed them bread (since it is unhealthy) but luckily it was feeding time sot he park employee let the kids throw some corn to the ducks.

Explored Native American dwellings.

Learned about historic buildings from the 1800-1900's.

Checked out turtles, snakes and lizards at the visitors center.

Examined seeds from trees like a Chinese Chestnut (ouch they are prickly).

Completed 2 Geocaches and a couple of Geocache Challenges.

And most importantly we spent time together.

We also saw pretty butterflies and fascinating lizards but I couldn't get picture of them.

So do you and your family take nature walks? If so what kinds of things have you discovered on your walks?

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Kelli Parker Becton said...

you are so cute! praying for Rowyn & can't wait to have another nature adventure with you sometime!

Sarah T. said...

Great place! My guys would be in heaven there! That bug...a woolly adelgid maybe?? That was my first thought.

I am starting a new link up called Field Trip Friday and would love for you to link this post!

1978rebecca said...

Looks like a brilliant day.

Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.

ticiaM said...

I love field trips like this, they're so much fun! Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

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