Friday, July 13, 2012

Finger and Tempera Painting Fun w/Rose Art

We have been having lots of FUN with our Finger and Tempera Paints from Rose Art. Both of these products come in awesome unique packaging. The Finger Paints come in a pump top bottle which help to reduce waste. The Tempera Painters come in a tube which has a cap on the end with a dabber where the paint is dispersed. Again this helps to reduce waste and make them easier for little hands to paint, doodle and dab with. And my favorite thing about both of these items is the packaging makes clean up a breeze.


Here are some crafty projects we have made using these two
Rose Art products along with some paper, scissors and recycled toilet paper tubes. 

2 Olympic Crafts
In preparation for the Olympics we have been reading lots of books, watching clips online and crafting. For one of our Olympic crafts we made the famous Olympic Rings. And learned all about what the rings symbolize.

Toilet Paper Tube Olympic Rings

-Toilet Paper Tube
-Kid-Friendly Scissors
-Tempera Painters

1. Cut 5 rings from the toilet paper tube. 
2. Paint the rings red, yellow, green, blue and black (we used regular acrylic paint for the black). We didn't paint the inside of ours but I suggest you do they will look much better.
3. Let them dry and then glue them together.

Hand Print Olympic Rings

-White Paper (we used Finger Paint paper)
-Finger Paint

1. Have your child place their thumb and index finger together to make a circle.
2. Paint the circle that your child's hand creates and push it down entirely onto the white paper. Do this with each of the colors red, yellow, green, blue and black (again we used regular acrylic paint for black) to make the Olympic Ring symbol.
3. Let your children decorate or write on their picture.

Tempera Ice Cube Paints
Beat the heat with Tempera Ice Cube Paints and make a gorgeous masterpiece.

-White Paper
-Tempera Paint

1. Fill an ice cube tray with Tempera Paint. I just unscrewed the caps on our Tempera Painter Pens to fill our tray. Place a tooth pick into each color.
2. Freeze them about 2 hrs.
3. Pop out your Tempera Paint Ice Cubes.
4. Let the kids go wild. I loved how vibrant the colors are. And after your done and if you haven't use up the ice cubes pop them back into the tray and back into the freezer.

Just plain old finger painting fun
Last week we headed outside with our finger paints and made some fun pictures. The kids decided to use pieces of nature as stamps. They experimented with leaves, sticks and pine cones.

To buy these products visit your local Walmart, Joann's, Target, etc or visit my Rose Art Amazon store.

Stay tuned for more great Rose Art crafting fun.....and reviews about their new line of educational products. Read more about the LeapFrog and MEGA Brand partnership.

*Disclaimer - Rose Art (Mega Brand) supplies us with lots of wonderful products in return for honest reviews and craft project how to's. I was not compensated for my review and all opinions are our own! Many of the links found on my side bars and in my blog posts are affiliate links. As a result, I might get paid money and I will most likely spend the money on homeschool supplies.

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