Friday, August 19, 2011

A week in the life of homeschoolers - Week 3

This week was much better. We backed down on the workbox load and had a light day on Wednesday. Despite Rowyn running a fever all week he still wanted to do homeschool and actually did very well. There were a few issues with Gwyn's behavior, I think she is still getting used to the fact that mommy is now home.  

So here is our week in the life of homeschoolers update week 3!

Monday: The Atlanta History Center was have a FREE homeschool day so of course we went. The kids learned about the history of Atlanta, the Civil War, life on a 1800's farm, the history of the Olympics and much more. We ate a picnic lunch and met some homeschooling friends. Despite it being very crowded we had a wonderful time. We will probably return in the fall for one of the homeschool classes they offer. On the way home we stopped by the Atlanta Newspaper to pick up our tickets to Children's Imagine It which I won through an Access Atlanta giveaway.

First fieldtrip the kids wore their Wyning Academy shirts to!
Checking out Indian artifacts.
Gwyn trying out a rifle.

Gwyn inside a slave house.
Tuesday: The kids worked on their workboxes but I backed them down to 9 instead of 12. However they  actually have only been getting 6 done. They get through the boxes very quickly, but I think they get burned out after about 6-7. We will slowly increase the amount over time but for now 6 is fine with me especially since I know they are learning and GA has an "equivalent" 4 1/2 hr day requirement (love that word equivalent).

Here is what was in their workboxes (it pretty much stays the same all week but the puzzles, handouts, etc change):

Gwyn: Handwriting, Spelling/Computer, Reading, Puzzle, Math, Snail Unit, Craft. Gwyn is still working on learning several short A words like mat, sat, bat, etc which are covered in her handwriting, spelling and reading. She has been doing very well and even passed a spelling test on spelling city.
Rowyn: Handwriting (still tackling the letter A), Puzzle, Reading, Math, Snail Unit, Craft.

Gwyn working on her words.
Rowyn working on his 'A' worksheets
Rowyn having a fit because he didn't want to do a puzzle.
Snail mini lapbook and one of the snails.
Kids checking out the snails eating.
Snail craft.
 Wednesday: Rowyn had his first speech class appointment so it sort of threw off our day. After his appointment the kids did some workbook pages and then we went to the library. We checked out books on  snails, ABC's, horses, dolphins and even bought two books for 50 cents. We also enjoyed story time and a craft. Next week we will probably be working on a dolphin study because I was able to get screening passes to see a Dolphin Tale which is being released in September. Stay tuned for a blog post next week.

Some of the snail books we got at the library.
Thursday: The kids worked on their workboxes and I clipped coupons, wrote up a meal plan and grocery list. Because I had some things I just had to get done I let the kids sit at the sofas with fold out tables while I accomplished my tasks. They really seemed to enjoy the change of scenery.  After school was done I decided to tackle the dreaded grocery store trip. I say dreaded because the kids normally don't go with me they prefer to stay home with daddy, okay and I prefer they do too.  They actually did very well and we got a little bit of learning in while we were there. And I am happy to say I was under budget. I saved a little under $50 with my coupons. Oh and I forgot to mention we thought we lost one of the snails. While the kids were examining them on the table one decided to slip away and hide. We looked all over and finally I found him stuck under the table.

Friday: The kids did their workboxes and Rowyn decided he wanted to listen to some Spanish cds while Gwyn finished up her math. He learned how to say several colors in Spanish.We finished up our snail unit and we will be releasing them this weekend. I am amazed at how quickly the kids learn things. They can tell you all sorts of interesting facts about snails. Like how long they live, that they are both a boy and a girl and that they are born with their shells. You can read more details about our snail unit study here, I added a few more links recently that I came across. After school was done we headed to the pool for some P.E.!!! And I got caught up on some blogging. Thank goodness for laptops even if they are really slow ancient ones.

Writing the letter A.
Writing her spelling words.
Snail agreeing Gwyn answered correctly!
Matching up the snail body parts.
And that's another week in the life of homeschoolers!


Chestnut Grove Academy said...

FREE is always great! Thanks for linking up!

DSLA said...

Looks like you had a great week with the workboxes! We generally have 4-8 "workfolders" (depending on the age of the child). Thanks for linking-up!

The Adventurer said...

Great field trip to the museum:) Thanks for linking up to the Field trip hop.

Love the picture of your son objecting to doing the puzzles, nice to see that it doesn't always go smoothly in your house either:)

Jennifer said...

Visiting from the field trip hop. Our pictures are also from a recent trip to Atlanta.

Laurie said...

Love the field trip and the t-shirts!

My youngest maxes out at 8 workboxes- he is just turned 8, so he might handle more this year.

Mary Prather said...

I need to go to the History Center -- I was there MANY years ago when my oldest was just a toddler.... it was Mayfield Ice Cream day and the kids actually got to make ice cream. Fun!

Looks like you all had a great time!

Lana said...

So fun! I love a good field trip!

Blessings to you,

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