Tuesday, August 16, 2011

S is for Snails and Science

is the letter this week for the ABC's of homeschooling meme. S is for Snails and Science!

Last Friday my daughter found some garden snails while we were on a field trip. So we brought them home and made a little habitat for them in our terrarium. Since she was so into them I decided to take advantage of the situation and do a lesson on snails. We spent a few hours today learning about snails and making snail crafts. I think we will continue to do some snail learning the rest of the week as well.

Here are some pictures from our lesson today.

Working on mini lapbook.

Finish lapbook and one of the snails checking it out.
Checking out the snails, one is eating the mushroom.
Coloring their snail pages and decorating with glitter and gems.
Sock snails.

And some resources if you decide you want to do your own lesson on snails.
-The Nature Gift Store make or buy your own snail farm
-Snail information, lapbooks
-Snail powerpoint presentations
-Snail coloring pages and worksheets
-Great snail youtube videos - Garden Snail (Helix Aspersa) and Garden Snails
-Snail crafts

What the kids said they learned today:
-Snails are invertebrates and mollusks.
-When you poke them they hide in their shells.
-That snails are both a boy and a girl.
-That snails eat leaves, vegetables and fruit.
-They carry their houses on their back.
-They leave slim on the table.
-The swirls in their shell tell how old they are.

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Lisa Boyle said...

Just "hopping" over to visit from the HHH. Nice to "meet" you! :-)

Awesome pics of the snails and your snail-related activities. Isn't it a blessing that in homeschool we can cater to our children's interests?

Many blessings,

Annette said...

I love being able to have school around things the kids really enjoy. I am stopping by from the hip homeschool hop.

Dawn @ 5 Kids and a Dog said...

Oh how neat! We had snails in our yard a lot in California, and I always thought they were neat. I liked watching them in the flowers. I bet your kids learned a lot!

Kathy Balman said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by. The kids loved learning about snails. WE wrapped up our snail learning today by reading several books we got from the library.

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