Monday, September 28, 2015

The Sign Of The Beaver (Newbery Honor Winner) - Learning About Native Americans

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We had tons of fun with the Poppins Book Nook blog series last year and we will be continuing that fun all throughout 2015. This month's theme was, "Newbery Honor Books" Keep reading to learn more about the book we read and grab some great resources. To check out all of our past Poppins Book Nook posts click here.

This month we read "The Sign of the Beaver". This was our second time reading this book. We chose to read it again because it ties in nicely with the Native American fieldtrips we have over the next few months. The book teaches children about what life was like during the 1700's for pioneers and Native Americanrs. It examines the relationship between two boys from different cultures who come to appreciate each other. In this fantastic survival story children learn details about living in the wilderness and the relationships that formed between white settlers and Indians. With each turn of the page came more excitement and the children begged me yet again to keep reading. Who says books aren't just as good the second time around?

Here are a few of the things we learned about: Maine, natural remedies, relationships, survival, Beaver Clan, stereotypes, cause and effect, values, story elements and more.

Additional Resources:
-Sign of the Beaver movie
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-Make Your Own Native American Instruments
-Native American Lesson Resources

Native American Journal Page:
I created this journal page to compliment an event we had earlier this year with Chipa Wolf. This FREE Native American Journal Page can be utilized with any Native American event or studies.
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