Sunday, March 29, 2015

Native American Presentation and FREE Journal Page

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Earlier this month we had the privileged of having our friend Chipa Wolfe from Rolling Thunder come to give our SE Homeschool Fieldtrip group a presentation. If you have never been to one of Chipa's Powwows in Georgia or heard him speak at a local museum then you NEED to add it to your must experience list! Chipa is an amazing presenter and very passionate about educating children on Native American culture, stewardship and more. We have known Chipa for about 6 years now and anytime we bump into him he always takes the time to talk with the children.

The program Chipa presented to our group included singing, dancing, storytelling, Native American history, audience participation (games, dancing), tribal paint and explanation, flute and drum playing, artifact observation and explanation, learning  The Cherokee alphabet or syllabary and finally a Q and A session. The program also included two conceptual mindsets or curriculum's...breaking stereotypes and stewardship development. To view more about Rolling Thunder's affordable programs for schools and other groups click here.

There were about 50 kids that joined our groups 2 hour private presentation and they ranged from age 4-15 years old. Everyone (both young and old) had a great time and several families mentioned it was one of the BEST educational presentations they have ever attended. Chipa got the children (and even adults) involved in the presentation and encouraged everyone to answer and ask questions. Afterwards he let the children visit his table of artifacts so they could get a chance to touch them and ask anymore questions they had. We learned a lot and left eager to learn more!

Gwyn said her favorite part of the program was buffalo dance. Rowyn said his favorite part was getting his face painted.

Here is a FREE Native American Journal Page I created for my group to compliment the presentation. It can be utilized with any Native American event or studies.

The next public event coming up that you can see Chipa Wolfe at is the Annual Mothers Day Powwow in Canton, Georgia. The event will be on May 9th and 10th. This is my favorite way to celebrate Mother's Day and we go every year. The last couple of years we have actually had the privileged of helping out at the Save the Horses booth.

I also highly recommend getting a copy of Chipa Wolfe's Almost Live CD.

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