Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Top 5 FREE Apps To Manage Busy, On The Go Families

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Are you an on the go, super busy family? If you answered yes then here are 5 apps you NEED to download. These are all apps that I have personally utilized at one point or another for our family.

Top 5 Apps To Manage Busy, On the Go Families:

  1. Life360 - this app is available for iOSAndroid and Windows. Have you arrived safely? Can you pick the kids up? Can you pick up eggs and milk at the grocery store? The Life360 app builds a utility-focused network for the family that is centered on location sharing and making it easier for families to communicate and stay connected despite how busy they become. But that's not all you can also send messages and share lists (like grocery or shopping lists). Life360 makes communicating destination arrivals and departures super easy. With just a tap of the "notification" button you can let someone know that you have arrived somewhere. They instantly receive an alert stating that you have checked in and also receive the address. If you currently get charged for text messages then you will love the fact that you can send and receive messages and lists with Life360 for FREE.  READ my full review here.

  2. Cozi Calendar - this app is available for iOS, Android and also works on a PC. Cozi is a free online organizer that helps families manage crazy calendars, organize household chores, share memories and more —all in one place. My favorite part about the app is that you can sync calendars from places like and Facebook too.
  3. Trip It - this app is available for iOS and Android - TripIt makes planning a trip itinerary a breeze. You can easily organize all of your travel details including plane tickets, car rentals, train schedules, hotel reservations, activities and more. TripIt "automatically" creates a single itinerary from all your trip details. And if you have Life360 downloaded to your phone and your family's phones you can easily let everyone know you have arrived at each of your destinations safely. 
  4. InstantPlaydates - this app is available for iOS and Android (BETA) - Who’s free to go to the park right now or meet at the museum on Saturday? InstantPlaydates lets you easily schedule playdates with your Facebook friends. When you’re heading to the park, you  broadcast your availability and how long you’ll be there. Or, you can check to see who’s currently available.
  5. iReward - this app is available for iOS, Android and Windows. iReward is a great app that brings the traditional reward chart onto mobile device, with a customizable, interactive interface. iRewardChart helps busy parents keep track of their child’s good behavior and chores and reward them appropriately. READ my full review here
What are your favorite apps to help manage busy, on the go family life?

* All apps have FREE and paid versions. Paid versions offer more features and are ad free. 

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