Sunday, April 19, 2015

Roswell Recycling Center Tour + FREE Educational Resources

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What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to visit a recycling center! A few days ago I took two small groups of homeschoolers to Roswell Recycling Center for a fieldtrip. We had the greatest time and learned a lot! We learned the importance of recycling, what materials are recyclable, got to watch the bailing machine crush cardboard and even got to recycle some products we brought from home. Trevor is the manager at this facility and did a great job explaining all the nitty, gritty details about recycling to the children (and parents) and she answered everyone's questions. Several of the parents (including myself) found out we were recycling some things we shouldn't be, like plastic bags and cardboard milk cartons. The tour was FREE and lasted about 45 minutes.

After the tour Trevor gave each child a penciled made with recycled newspaper and I handed out a planet protector activity book, trash and climate change activity book and calendar of activities.

Free resources:
You can order FREE materials on the US EPA website or download them here. Also visit the recycle webpage and resources webpage for students and educators...both provide great information, downloads and games.

This center offers recycling of plastic, paper, metal and glass. As well as old appliances, tires, batteries, cell phones, printer cartridges, electronics, televisions, motor oil and antifreeze. Best of all the are open 7 days a week and you don't have to be a Roswell resident to take recycled goods there (some exceptions apply). For more information about the Recycling Center, call 770-442-8822 or visit their website.  And for teens (over the age of 16 years old) and or parents the recycling center is always looking for volunteers. Just give them a a call to set up a day to volunteer and help out the community and the environment. 

Recommended reading:

Have you ever toured a local recycling center? What did you learn?

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