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Disneynature Monkey Kingdom - Journal Page, Crafts and More

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A couple days ago we went to the theater with our homeschool movie club group to see Disneynature's newest film Monkey Kingdom. If you missed the last movie club update check it out, we wen to see Night At The Museum (there is a fun, free journal page and craft idea on the post that you won't want to miss).

Every few months when a fun, educational movie is released we get together and go to the movies with friends from our homeschool group in Georgia. But that's not all...I also create a journal page centered around the movie and come up with a fun craft project for the group to complete afterwards.

We are huge fans of the Disneynature movies. We have seen them all and even reviewed Chimpanzee when it was released. This movie was just as good as all its predecessors. There were funny, sad, and edge of your seat moments. Plus the movie is really educational. An added bonus of seeing the movie during opening week is that part of the movie ticket proceeds go towards helping protect monkeys and other endangered species in their natural habitats.

After the movie our group got to go behind the scenes to check out the projection room....special thanks to Aurora Cineplex a locally owned and operated theater and entertainment center.

After the movie the kids made two fun crafts. One is craft was about monkeys and the other was about our planet Earth, both go along great with the movie

Earth Rock Craft:

-Blue Paint
-Green Paint
-Paint brush
-Acrylic Spray

  1. Paint the rock blue first and let it dry.
  2. After the rock is dry add some land formations with the green paint.
  3. After the rock has completely dried spray it with acrylic paint.
You can put the Earth rock in your garden, flower pot or just sit it on a shelf.

Monkey Pipe Cleaner Craft:

-4 Brown Pipe Cleaners
-1 Yellow Pipe Cleaner

  1. Cut the brown pipe cleaners into the following sizes: 1- 10 inch, 1 - 6 1/2 inch, 2 - 3 1/2 inch,  2 - 1 inch. Cut the yellow pipe cleaner into the following size: 1 - 1 inch
  2. Take the 6 1/2 inch pipe cleaner piece and make a circle at one end for the head. This is the head/tail.
  3. Next take the 10 inch pipe cleaner piece and create a corkscrew/spring. You can either wrap it around a marker or your finger. This is the body.
  4. Place the corkscrew/spring over the head/tail pipe cleaner piece. Pinch the top and bottom of the body piece onto the head/tail piece to secure.
  5. Next take the two    pieces and place one just below the head and wrap it around once to secure. Place the other piece at the bottom of the body piece and wrap it around to secure. These creates the legs. 
  6. Next take the two   pieces and wrap them around the top of the head to create ears. 
  7. Finally give the monkey a banana to eat by placing the yellow pipe cleaner in one of his hands.
The monkey can now be played with, sat on a shelf and posed, wrapped around a stick and placed in a flower pot or put on the end of a pencil for a cute pencil topper.

Free Monkey Kingdom journal page:
Each family also left with a copy of the journal page I created for the movie. You can download a copy for FREE here (or click the photo below).

Photo courtesy of  Disneynature.
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More goodies:
  • Visit the Monkey Kingdom website for fun games and downloads, including an educator guide and parent guide.

Don't worry I will share the craft and journal page after each homeschool movie club meeting!

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