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10 Frugal Travel Tips

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We love traveling, however we must always do it on a tight budget. This summer we were able to take two amazing vacations one to South Georgia (Albany, Macon, Cordele, Fargo) and another to Myrtle Beach. In order to make these trips possible we needed to cut costs wherever possible. So here are my 10 BEST frugal travel tips.

10 Frugal Travel Tips:
  1. Sign up for gas reward cards - My favorites are BP Driver Rewards, Shell Fuel Rewards Network and Kroger Fuel Rewards. These cards are all FREE to sign up for and can save you 3 cents - 10 cents per gallon. Right now BP Driver Rewards members who register and opt in from 12:00:00 am EST 6/29/14 - 11:59:59 pm EST 11/4/14 and use their BP Driver Rewards card to fill up at least 5 times, totaling 50 gallons, in 50 days at participating BP stations are eligible for one (1) $10 Gift Card (I just got mine, so I can tell you it definitely works)
  2. Purchase attraction or show tickets on discount/deal websites - My favorites are Groupon, Living Social, Gold Star, Amazon Local, Score Big, Sweet Jack, Half Off Depot and Loaf Deals. You can save up to 60% off at these great deal/discount websites.  
  3. Pack your own food - eating out can really add up. Purchase snacks and quick meals in advance. 
  4. Skip a meal or have children share a meal - We can generally get away with skipping lunch by eating a large breakfast and dinner. In place of lunch we eat a healthy snack like an apple, trail mix, etc. And rather than purchasing multiple kids meals have them share 1 adult meal. 
  5. Purchase dining coupons - If you must eat out, check places like, and the discount/deal sites listed above for discount vouchers. Also check your local newspaper for coupons and sign up for loyalty programs through the restaurants.
  6. Book your hotel in advance using a discount hotel site - Some of my favorites are and These websites not only offer great pricing but you can also earn FREE nights by booking through them. 
  7. Drive with the car windows down - I know what you are thinking, "I haven't driven with my windows down since I was a teenager and that was just so I could look cool!" Seriously do you know how much money you can save by driving with the windows down. 
  8. Look for FREE activities - If you look hard enough you can find lots of FREE fun, family friendly activities in just about every city. Here are some to get you started Over 200 + Free Things To See and Do In Georgia, 30+ FREE Nationwide Fieldtrip Ideas, Free and Frugal Things To See and Do In Beaufort, SC.
  9. Take your car into the shop for automobile maintenance - Before leaving on your trip be sure to take your car into a reputable shop to get an oil change, fluid level check and tire pressure check. These simple and inexpensive car maintenance items can save you money during your trip. 
  10. Set budgets for souvenirs before you arrive at your destination - Tell your children how much they have to spend during the trip or better yet give them their own spending money. 

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