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Making Oral Health Changes With LISTERINE #sponsored #mc

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Several weeks ago I heard those words every parent dreads, "your children need to see an orthodontist." Seriously they are only 7 and 8 years old? Yes sadly my children are cursed with bad oral genetics: poor enamel, crowding and a misaligned jaw. As a result the children have dealt with multiple cavities and even crowns already. Crowded teeth and bad enamel mean that cavities form a lot easier, so it is really imperative that I make sure my children are brushing, flossing and using mouthwash multiple times a day now. They only get one set of adult teeth and we are a one income family so thousands of dollars worth of dental work is definitely not in our budget.

Now lets move onto my type 1 diabetic husband. My husband had no cavities and amazing teeth (except for some tightness) before he found out he had type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is the insulin dependent form. What many people may not know is that diabetes reeks havoc on oral health. High blood glucose levels and the synthetic insulin he must take to live create a ticking time bomb in his mouth. Thrush, periodontitis, gingivitis, ulcers, and cavities are just a few of the many oral problems that he is easily susceptible to having to deal with. Over the last few years he has lost a tooth and dealt with multiple cavities and enamel issues. Flossing, brushing, rinsing with mouthwash and making sure his blood sugar levels are under control are the easiest ways for him to combat any further damage from occurring.

And me well I am by no means perfect in the oral health area. I have had my fair share of cavities since I was young. When I was a child my parents didn't enforce good oral hygiene and it wasn't until I was an adult that I finally realized how important my teeth were. And now as a mother I realize it is my job to make sure my children are taking care of their health in all areas. It is my job to teach them how to properly take care of their teeth and provide them with the necessary resources to do so.

And thanks to LISTERINE there are several great products which can definitely help make our life a little easier and hopefully help prevent any further issues from arising. We are all excited to give these LISTERINE products a try. Each of these fabulous products helps us reach those really tight spots in between our teeth where the majority of the problems arise. It is my hope that in 6 months when my children return to the dentist great improvements will be made as a result of using these products and sticking to a consistent brushing, flossing and rinsing schedule.

1.  LISTERINE® HEALTHY WHITE™ Sodium Fluoride Anti cavity Mouth rinse GENTLE CLEAN MINT - offers effective teeth-whitening results in a gentle, non-irritating way while also preventing cavities.

Product Details:
  • Peroxide-free for a gentler whitening experience
  • Removes and prevents tough stains
  • Restores enamel
  • Safely whitens
  • Formulated to whiten without irritation
  • Kills bad breath germs
  • Prevents cavities
  • Helps prevent tooth decay

2.  LISTERINE® ULTRACLEAN® ACCESS® Flosser - an easier way to reach those tough to reach places.

Product Details:
  • Long, ergonomic handle and non-slip grip to reach back teeth
  • High - tenacity yarn withstands breakage
  • Easily get to 100% of the HARD TO REACH PLACES®
  • Mint flavored

3.  LISTERINE® Smart Rinse Anticavity Mouthwash - designed specifically for children ages 6 and over and makes rinsing fun.

Product Details:
  • Provides 12-hour cavity protection
  • Strengthens teeth 99% better than brushing alone
  • Provides 2.4 times more fluoride than competitor brands
  • Makes rinsing fun with Barbie™, Avengers™ and Phineas & Ferb rinses.
Be sure to check out the LISTERINE Healthy Habit Heroes video series.

Where to buy:
Click here for a complete list of retailers.

What are some ways you instill good oral care habits in your home?

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