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FreeBEE Friday Link Up - St. Patrick's Day Unit Study Resources

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Welcome to a New Year of FreeBEEs. Every Friday I will share a great list of educational FreeBEE resources. PLUS...there's the added bonus of this being a monthly link up...where you can showcase your freebie posts or discover more amazing freebies from my blogging friends. The blogger link up will start on the first Friday of every month and end on the first day of the following month. Each month there will be a new link up. Link up anything that is educational and FREE including GIVEAWAYS!

A the luck of the Irish...I wish I had it. I can't help you with luck but I can help you with FREE educational resources to learn about St. Patrick's Day. I have compiled printables, crafts, videos, eBooks, Apps and more for you below!

St. Patrick's Day FreeBEEs:
-FREE Holiday, Celebration, Festival Journal Page (you can also click on the photo below too).

-Activity Village has lots of St. Patrick's day printables.
-3 Dinosaurs has a fun St. Patrick's Day pack.
-St. Patrick's Day lapbook.
-Blessed Beyond A Doubt has some fun St. Patrick's Day coloring pages for all ages. has lots of great resources like this St. Patrick's Day Addition Game, St. Patrick's Day Operations Puzzles and St. Patrick's Day Thematic Pack (be sure to search around for lots of other FREE and inexpensive resources on CurrClick)
-In All You Do has St. Patrick's Day activity placemats.
-Paradise Praises has a great St. Patrick's Day unit study.

Katie Hornor's photo.

-To The Moon And Back has a St. Patrick's Day fun pack.
-3 Dinosaurs clover tracing craft.
-St. Patrick's Day wordsearch.
-Two Teaching Mommies St. Patrick's Day Kindergarten pack.
-Enchanted Homeschool Mom has a St. Patrick's Day mini unit.
-Shamrock math from
-St. Patrick's Day notebooking pages.

-There are several great FREEBIES right now on the A Journey Through Learning FREEBIE page including St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Valentine's Day and Presidents Day.

St. Patrick's Day Copywork and Jokes

St. Patrick's Day Crafts:
-Check out the St. Patrick's Day handprint craft we did a couple years ago.
-DLTK Ireland and St. Patrick's Day craft ideas.

Some Where Over The Rainbow Craft:
-Colored construction paper or card stock (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange)
-Black paper or felt
-White paper
-Cotton balls
-Pipe Cleaner/String
-Hole punch
-Gold glitter

What to do:
1) Cut strips of colored paper about 1 1/2" wide x 11". Stack the colored strips (in ROY G. BIV order) and staple them together at one end. On the un-stapled end, cut the orange strip 1" shorter than the red and continue this pattern with the remaining colors (see photo for example). You should end up with a staircase effect. Gather the un-stapled ends so they are lined up and staple together. This will make your rainbow.
2) Cut 4 cloud shapes out of the white paper. On each end of the rainbow glue 2 clouds - 1 on the outside of the rainbow and 1 on the inside of the rainbow.
3) Glue cotton balls on all the white paper clouds. Make sure you pull apart the cotton balls so they are fluffier.
4) Cut a cauldron shape out of the black paper or felt.
5) Cut one or more yellow semicircles for the coins. Sprinkle with some gold glitter to add some bling. Then glue them onto the top cauldron so they are poking out a little.
6) Glue the cauldron onto one of the clouds on the outside of the rainbow.
7) Punch a hole in the middle of each color strip. Feed a pipe cleaner/string through the holes and tie a night under the rainbow. (my photos are slightly different for this step because for one of the rainbows I hole punched it during step 1, but hole punching at this step works better).
8) Display your beautiful rainbow in the window for all to see!

Mixed Media Rainbow Craft:
-White cardstock paper
-Cotton balls
-White glue

What to do:
1) Draw a rainbow using the white glue. Allow to fully dry.
2) Using watercolors, color in the rainbow (in ROY G. BIV order).
3) While the watercolor is still wet (note if it has already dried simply apply more water over top of the colors) sprinkle with the salt. The salt just adds another medium and texture.
4) Add cotton ball clouds to the bottom of the rainbow Make sure you pull apart the cotton balls so they are fluffier.
5) Hang the picture in a window and watch the sun make your rainbow shine.

I made this YouTube playlist with several St. Patrick's Day videos.

-Take a virtual tour of Blarney Castle.
-Take a virtual trip around Ireland and visit all the best sites.

eBooks/Audio Books and Apps:
-Make Your Own Mini Top Hats eBook.
-The Shamrock Rock (99 cents) eBook.
-The Little Leprechaun Who Loved Yellow (99 cents) eBook.
-7 Happy St. Patrick's Day Stories (Free PRIME).
-St. Patrick's Day Irish Children's Book (Free PRIME).
-Memory St. Patrick's Day App.

Pinterest Board:
For even more ideas head over to my St. Patrick's Day Pinterest Board.

Great Books And Other Resources For St. Patrick's Day (Amazon widget may not load on a mobile device):

I hope you find these resources useful. If you ever have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or email me. Also be sure to follow my Facebook Page where I post FreeBEEs daily.

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Remember when it comes to FREE resources the internet and a good search engine are your best friend. Oh and a library card!

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