Friday, August 9, 2013

FreeBEE Friday - Wonders Of Creation Lapbook - Limited Time Freebie

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Homeschool FreeBEE Fridays

Welcome to FreeBEE Friday. Jen, from Gricefully Homeschooling, and I have lined up some great FreeBEEs for you in 2013. The second Friday of every month we will be providing a link and if necessary a savings code for you to get a FREE product from some of our favorite homeschool companies. These great sponsors are offering these *Limited Time FreeBEEs* which will include lapbooks, unit studies, online classes, and more to bless homeschool families! Last Friday we posted our Homeschool FreeBEE Friday Link Up. So our favorite bloggers could link up their FreeBEE posts! This link up will be open through the rest of the instead of a weekly meme this will be monthly, now.


Claiming your FreeBEE this week is very simple just visit CurrClick and add The Wonders of Creation Lapbook to your shopping cart. Next enter the coupon code "AugustBEE2" at checkout to claim your FreeBEE. This code is valid August 9th-11th. 

Be sure to also head over to Gricefully Homeschooling to snag your Endocrine System download.

**FREE - Wonders of Creation**

Save $5.00 with code AugustBEE2

**Important: You have my permission to post or share a link to *this blog post*, ONLY! You do not have permission to share the direct link to the free item. Thank you for your cooperation!**

Also don't forget about the Back To School Sale going on at CurrClick right  now! You can also snag 15 more great FREEBIES!

Back to Homeschool Sale

This special homeschool FreeBEE was offered to Kathys Cluttered Mind to share with our readers, thanks to CurrClick. And don't forget to snag the FreeBEE over at Gricefully Homeschooling as well!

We will have another great FreeBEE next month on September 13th!

Special thanks to these homeschool companies!


annette from A Net in Time said...

thank you for the freebie. I'm looking forward to using it. :)

Ellen Pool said...

Love your Freebie Friday! Thanks so much for all you do for the homeschooling community! ;)

Brittney said...

Thank you! Freebies are always a welcome sight!

Michele Pleasants said...

This looks great! Off to check it out. Thank you Kathy for taking the time to find fun freebies for fellow homeschool moms!

Tracey M. said...

Thank you ladies! We love integrating lapbooks into our day. I am always thrilled to see them featured on your blogs as freebies.

Chinell said...

Thank you for sharing! It is very appreciated!

Misty said...

Hi, Kathy! I just clicked on the free Endocrine System lapbook, but it charged my credit card. What do I do? Thanks!

Colleen P said...

My daughter enjoyed this lapbook as part of a live class with Knowledge Box Central on Currclick last spring!

Kathy Balman said...

Misty you will have to email CurrClick and explain what happened so they can credit your account.

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