Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - Gifts From Above

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Wildlife Wednesdays

Spring and Summer = BABIES! 
Everywhere we look new life is emerging.

About 4 weeks ago I wrote about Investigating Nature. In the post I had mentioned the Carolina Wrens that built a nest on our balcony in an ice cream pail. Over the last 4 weeks we have been watching and observing them. It took them several days to build their beautiful dome shaped nest.  They very carefully placed each leaf and twig to make it the perfect home for their babies. They didn't seem to mind us watching out the window (which made us very happy).

After the nest was built we kept an eye on it, patiently waiting for eggs to hopefully arrive. A few days later there were 4 little cream eggs with brown speckles. We took a peek at them, being very careful to not disturb the nest. Mamma bird was very diligent and did a fabulous job taking care of her eggs. She made sure they were nice and warm and didn't mind us checking in occasionally on her and taking some pictures. About 13 days later 3 little fuzzy pink and grey babies were hatched. Yes sadly one of the babies did not make it. The kids were in complete awe of these new little lives. They grew quickly and each day we could see changes taking place. First their eyes opened. then they began developing feathers. They constantly cried for food and their parents did a great job of going back and forth with food. We noticed that their was one baby who was larger and more dominant than the others. Yesterday, about 11 days since they hatched, the first baby (the dominant one) left the nest and entered the World. We saw him outside of the nest on the ledge of the container and by the time I grabbed my camera he was off. The kids got to see him take his first flight! It was a fabulous experience for our entire family!

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