Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 Minuscule Tips For Camping With Munchkins

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Last week I blogged about our family vacation and how much fun we had camping and learning together as a family. Today I am sharing 10 Minuscule Tips For Camping With Munchkins!

1) Pack lots of Ziplock baggies. 1 Gallon Ziplock baggies are perfect for storing all the treasures I am sure your your kids will pick up during your adventure!
2) Check to see if there are any geocaches at the campground you are staying at. If so pack some treasures to exchange.
3) Pack educational board games. Who says you cannot take learning on the road. Here are some of our favorite board games. If you have limited space in your car to transport games here is a great website with lots of fun old fashioned camp games. Like the, I'm Going On A Camping Trip, game!
4) Take along your nature journals. There will be lots of opportunity to have some fun drawing and writing about nature.
5) Warning kids get very dirty on camping trips. Pack dark clothes and extra clothes as well.
6) Pack some of your children's favorite books. Sometimes it can be very hard and scary to fall asleep in a tent. Make your children more comfortable by reading them a bedtime story.
7) Set boundaries for children. A campground can be lots of fun but it can be easy for children to get lost. Make sure you discuss with your children the boundaries, campsite number (if they should get lost), etc.
8) Discuss various dangers: poison ivy, dangerous animals, water safety etc.
9) Pack some fun toys: Frisbee's, water guns, balls, beach toys etc.
10) Ask the campsite if they offer any type of special programming. Many State parks offer workshops, children activities, etc. These can be lots of fun and are educational too.

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hsmominmo said...

Great tips! We'll be camping later this month and I'm making notes. Thanks for sharing!!

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