Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - Spring Is In The Air...It's Time To Get Outdoors

Wildlife Wednesdays

Spring is in the air...or should I say pollen! You know what that means, right? Lots of outdoor learning fun. In the last two weeks changes have been taking place here in Georgia. Our brown trees and dreary days are gone. The bees are buzzing, pollen is covering everything and the trees are blooming!

We have already been on a couple of Spring nature walks and we are all happy to get out of the house (even Kelli's son was excited to get out and climb some trees during their recent visit to GA). One thing my kids and Kelli's boys love to do is collect things. Do your kids like to collect things? My kids love to bring various treasures from our nature walks indoors. We have a bug specimen board, mushroom/fungus board, nature board and bird bone board. Gwyn also has a rock collection that she keeps in a fishing tackle box. 

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