Friday, July 6, 2012

Science Homeschool Fun - Bug Specimen Board

Science is our favorite subject!!! We love exploring nature and learning about bugs, plants, trees, mushrooms, birds and more. I started this board for the kids last year and it is finally starting to fill up with bug specimens. It will be a continuous work in progress as we find more bugs to add. 

I attached the bugs to a poster board using pins that way they can easily be removed and examined under a microscope. Smaller bugs like the lady bugs, spider and larva were glued onto a smaller piece of white or black paper and pined to the board. I printed up the names and scientific names for each and placed them under the bugs. 

I took a piece of bee scrapbook paper and placed it in the middle of the board and used my Cricut to make the title "Balman Bug Board". I used some bug stickers to decorate the black sheet of paper around the words. 

A full shot of the board is in the middle of the collage (the going buggy text is part of the collage photo). I included some close up shots for you as well.

*No bugs were harmed in the making of this board. They were ALL already deceased.

Are you afraid of bugs? If so which ones?

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ticiaM said...

We didn't create a bug specimen board when we studied flying creatures, but I kind of wish we had.  Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

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