Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bringing Nature Studies Indoors

Do your kids like to collect things? Mine do they love to bring various treasures from our nature walks indoors. We have a bug specimen board, mushroom/fungus board, nature board and bird bone board. Gwyn also has a rock collection that she keeps in a fishing tackle box.

We will also occasionally bring home some visitors to observe. Two weeks ago we brought home a box turtle. We took a few days to learn all about Lightning the Box Turtle. We utilized various resources including our Apologia Land Animals book to learn all about turtles including their habitats, the kind of food they eat, etc. We even learned how to identify the sex of a Turtle, Lightning was a male. We also learned that Turtles are really fast and NOT slow like all the childhood stories suggest.

This week we brought home a Tadpole (named Frogger) and a Crayfish (named Digger) well at least I think that is what they are. I may be wrong and the Tadpole may be a tiny fish. Update: turns out the Crayfish was really a Dragonfly Larva and sadly he died but we are going to add him to our bug specimen board. And the Tadopole I am pretty sure is just a fish after closer examination.

We always do lots of research to learn how to properly care for our visiting friends and we make sure to properly release them when we are done learning about them.

Here are a few things we always have on hand so we can bring home visitors:

-10 gallon aquarium and plastic terrarium
-rocks, sand, dirt great substrates for many critters
-water bowl, large rocks, logs

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Kelli- AdventurezNchildRearing said...

love this 1 no wonder we get along so well :)

The Iowa Farmer's Wife said...

Fun! What a great idea to get little "pets" like that and watch development! Thanks for sharing at The Sunday Showcase.

ticiaM said...

Where'd you find the turtle to bring home? That's so very cool that you could do that.

Kathy Balman said...

We found him in the road at the entrance of a nature center. We returned him after studying him for about a week to the place we found him. Turtles have an internal GPS and live within a one mile territory. They must always be returned to the exact place they came from or they will dye trying to find their way back.

Kathy Balman said...

Yup I wish we lived closer to each other we would have some great times together.

Betsy @ BPhotoArt.com said...

We had a praying mantis and katydid visit us for a couple days last summer. It's fun to watch :) them up close!

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