Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A week in the life of homeschoolers - July 22nd - 28th

We had a slow week I do really mean slow. Due to some financial constraints again we had to stay home most of the week. I am getting this post up a little later than I normally like to (I have been getting them up late all Summer) but hopefully with our NEW homeschool year starting TODAY I will get back on some sort of schedule.

July 22nd - July 28th
Sunday we enjoyed a family day at home. I got some much needed preparation done for the next month. Monday we had lots of fun making Tie Dye Tshirts using tissue paper (click the link to read more). Another item checked off our Summer Fun Bucket ListTuesday we took a class from Founders Academy on the Olympics. Wednesday the kids made some sun catchers that we picked up at Dollar Tree then we took another GREAT online class form Founders Academy. The kids learned all about the Bill of Rights while lounging on the sofa in their PJs. Thursday we visited the library where we got to see a great magic show put on by Arthur Atsma. Afterwards we headed to the pool where we had a great time swimming, making a new friends and finding treasures. The BIG brown truck dropped off a package with some awesome board games (review coming next month) so we just had to play 1 before bedtime. Friday the kids and I went to our 3rd homeschool conference of the year, The Southeast Homeschool Expo. We had a great time as always. The kids got lots of FREE goodies and got to play with some cool things. And I made some blogging connections. I also got to see and talk with some great friends. I was so super proud at how well behaved the kids were. They kept themselves busy with coloring books, the Rose Art travel art case and my phone which is loaded with apps. Saturday the kids hung out with daddy at the pool while I headed to The Southeast Homeschool Expo for day 2.

How was your week? 

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