Saturday, July 14, 2012

A week in the life of homeschoolers - July 7th - July 14th

We had a great week. We stayed home a few days and I got some planning and organizing done. There is still more to do and hopefully I get it done in the next 2 1/2 weeks.

July 7th - July 14th
Saturday we had some friends come over and go swimming with us. The kids were really excited to show how well they can swim now. Sunday the kids hung out with Daddy while I went out to look at house lots and options with my Real Estate client. Monday the kids played on the balcony and examined some mosquito larva. Rowyn made some awesome creations out of his Knex. And both kids played on the tablet (they love the educational game and story apps). Then we headed to the library for an amazing science class on special effects. The kids learned all about music, lighting, smoke, mirrors and more. Tuesday we had Geocaching club with the homeschool group. The plan was to find 2 Geocaches but because our GPS's were acting wonky and the 90 degree weather we only decided to find one. But we still had a great hike and fun with friends. Afterwards the kids and I met up with my Real Estate client (and friend) to measure the yard on her NEW home lot. The kids were very well behaved and kept themselves occupied by playing in the GA clay and making a rock and weed garden. We then went to Grandmas and Grandpas for a visit and Rowyn got his birthday present a brand new red bike, which he loves. Wednesday we spent the day at home. The kids played and after I finished working on my projects I let them ride their bikes on the front porch, which they though was awesome. Thursday we went to see How To Train Your Dragon at the movies. Gotta love $2 summer movies that include popcorn and a drink. Afterwards the kids played with their friends while I worked on more Real Estate stuff with my friend. Then we went swimming with cousins at Grandmas and Grandpas pool. Rowyn also got his new bike helmet from his Aunt and Uncle which he insisted on wearing on the car ride home. Friday we had a fun day of crafting. Check out our Crafting With Kids post. Rowyn had some fun playing pizza shop, I love that boys imagination. We also went to pick up some hand me down girl clothes and homeschool materials. It was like Christmas. Gwyn had a fun time putting on a fashion show. Saturday we went to Cagles Dairy for a Agriculture Tour. We had a GREAT time and learn about animals and farm life. We also got to pet a lot of really cute baby animals. We even saw a cow milking demonstration and herding demonstration. I will be writing a review about Cagles Dairy so keep an eye out on Expedition Mom.

How was your week? Are you busy planning and organizing for your 2012-2013 homeschool year? When are you planning to start back up?


amymorgan1970 said...

I saw your posting on Different homeschool styles.  Yours sounds alot like mine.  I removed my daughter from Kindergarden in Nov 2010 and we have loved the journey since.  I had grand ideas and chose Charlotte Mason style.  It wasn't working with my very active and bright child.  So we started trying other things.  We decided to do Prairie Primer this year.  It gives us tons of stuff to do.  We love it.  Thanks for sharing your journey.  I am now following your blog.  Have a wonderful new year!!

Kathy Balman said...

 Thank you for following and your kind comment

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