Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dr. Seuss And The Lorax Are Taking Over Our Homeschool In March

As many of you may already know The Lorax comes out on March 2nd. Doesn't it look amazing? And since it is also Dr. Seuss's birthday on the 2nd there are a lot of really cool events going on (at least here in GA). So my wheels started turning and I decided why not do a  Dr. Seuss and The Lorax unit study for March? Since The Lorax was written by Dr Seuss as a warning against mindless progress and the danger it poses to the earth's natural beauty we will also be incorporating lessons and activities about saving the trees, planet and animals. I have also started gathering our Dr. Seuss reading materials  as well, I will share those in my next post since I am waiting for a few of them to arrive at the library still.

FreeBEE resources:
-Listen to Tim Tebow read Green Eggs and Ham - I think the link will only be active until February 22nd (if you miss this let me know I am going to try to record it).
-The Lorax unit study ideas on
-Dr. Seuss Biography for Kids
-Interview with Dr. Seuss's wife Audrey Geisel
-The Secret Alchemy of Dr Seuss - some fun interesting reading for parents lots of fun activities, coloring pages, games, etc.
-Dr. Seuss activity book
-The Art of Dr Seuss
-Dr. Seuss iPhone apps
-The Lorax lesson plan ideas
-The Lorax movie website -lots of activities, coloring pages, games. etc.
-Sign up to get FREE a free seed pack from YoKids and also play a fun game while your there
-Scholastic The Lorax lesson plans
-Make Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast
-Dr. Seuss activities and lesson plans
-Dr. Seuss Lapbook on CurrClick - $2.25
-Cartoon Unit Study by Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett - $7.95

Even I have been taken over by The Lorax. As well as my laptop desktop!

-Visit your local Target on February 25th for NEA's Read Across America - FREE event is from 9 am-11am we went last year and it was really cool. An employee reads to the kids, they give the kids some goodies and they have the books on sale for a great price.

- If you live in GA you can check out the Dr Seuss Gallery Exhibition at Ann Jackson Gallery in Roswell GA. The exhibition will be on March 3rd 12 noon to 5pm and is FREE. They will be emailing me an invite soon which I will post here as well as on my Facebook page. Visit the Dr Seuss's Oh The Places You'll Go Event Page for more details as well and to order your FREE tickets.

-Simon Malls are having a Mulberry Street Mall Parade. Some events have already occurred but there are still a bunch that are coming up so check to see if there is a mall in your area participating. If you live in GA Gwinett Mall is offering the event this Saturday. This is a FREE event.

-If you live in GA the Chattahoochee Nature center is also getting taken over by the Seuss with Truffala Forest - February 22- March 11 - A Truffala Forest is springing up in the Nature Exchange. Just in time for the release of the new feature film The Lorax, visit the beloved Seuss character, try on a thneed and learn how you can speak for the trees. Exhibit made possible in part by the Ann Jackson Gallery. And on February 29th Roswell, GA residents get in FREE to the nature center.

-If you live in or near SC Hickory Knob State park is having a Dr Seuss Event March 2nd-3rd - its $69.95 for two adults kids are free check out the flyer for more details.

-Many Barnes and Nobles are having events so be sure to check the location near you.

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Check out some of the videos we will be using in March on my March Learning Channel:

I will be doing a link up each week in March so if you decide to also have fun with  Dr. Seuss next month remember to stop back and link up your posts. I will also be sharing more resources as I come across them!


Rebecca said...

I think I'll just send my little guy to your place...and he can join in all of this fun!!!! Looks GREAT!

Kathy Balman said...

Rebecca, We would love to have you guys join us for some of our Seuss fun!

Christine said...

Wow! Thanks for all the great resources and fun things to do with Dr. Seuss! I'm a new follower! You can visit me

Eric VanRaepenbusch said...

Looks like you have enough resources to keep you busy all month!! I wish I was in your homeschool!!!! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

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