Sunday, October 23, 2011

A week in the life of homeschoolers - Week 12

We had a good week even though it was a very off week due to preparations for our move next weekend. The kids learned and that is what matters most! We will probably be taking off next week because of our move. Most of the homeschool books and supplies are packed and we had to return ALL of our library books.

So here is our week in the life of homeschoolers update week 12!

Monday: We started our United Kingdom Unit Study (click the link to read our review). Gwyn really seemed to enjoy it especially since it is a place her Mommy visited in 1999.

Watching UK YouTube videos
Tuesday: We continued our UK Unit Study and then met an ex co worker for lunch at Applebees. Gwyn learned that they do not sell apples or bees at Applebees.

Drawing favorite Beatrix Potter character.
Peregrine Falcon fact book.
Coloring Peregrine Falcon.
UK books.
Entering Adventures in Odyssey Imagination Station codes from book 5 and 6 to unlock special surprises.  Gwyn and I have been reading the series for a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for a review in November.
Wednesday: We worked a little on the UK Study but then the kids decided they wanted to do some other stuff. They did color by number, learned a little bit about Native Americans, made Native American headdresses and played educational Wii games. Also Gwyn finished her Zoo Academy workbook and Rowyn did some workbooks.

Filling in places on UK map.
Rowyns color by number. Number and color recognition.
Gwyn's color by number.
Rowyn did some opposite and shape workbooks.
I cannot remember what happened but Rowyn got angry for some reason
and went to his special place under the bed.
Gwyns Native American drawing. We just finished reading Imagination Station - Problems at Plymouth.
The kids made Native American headdresses Gwyn even made Pixiedust one, lol.
My little Indian Chiefs.
Wii schooling. Gwyn played Elmo Adventures, I Spy, and some other mystery guess who done it game.
Thursday: Day off. I had too much to get caught up on with packing, cleaning, etc. Sot he kids built forts and did a lot of imagination play.

Friday: Field Trip Day!!! We went to Yahoo Pumpkin Farm in Jasper, GA. This was the first ever group field trip that I arranged. There was about 30 homeschool kids. We had a blast and the kids got to see some of their best friends. The kids got to experience a hayride through the pumpkin patches, corn maze, pumpkin wagon ride, bounce house and petting zoo.

Kids on hayride.
One of two pumpkin patches. This farm raises a variety of unusual pumpkins.
Peanut pumpkin.
A dear friend paid for Gwyn to ride the pony.
Pumpkin Wagon ride.
Getting lost in the corn maze.
Gwyn posing with my favorite flower.
Gwyn and her best friend smelling a flower they found on the ground.
Saturday:  After Rowyns soccer game (homeschool PE), we went to Michael's to do The Knack craft.

Rowyns coach telling him where to kick the ball.
Making spider t-shirts.

And that is another week in the life of homeschoolers!  Thanks for stopping by!


Chestnut Grove Academy said...

seems like a great week! Never heard of peanut pumpkins before! Thanks for linking up :D

The Adventurer said...

We went to a pumpkin farm this week too. There aren't too many in the UK and the one we went too was very very small. I miss fall in the states. Where in England did you go. We have lived here for 3 years and love it:)

k balman said...

@The Adventurer I was over in the UK for 3 weeks with People To People Student Ambassadors. In England we went to London, Birmingham, York, Liverpool. Then in Ireland we went to Wicklow, Dublin, Waterford, Cardiff. We also went to Wales. I hope to one day take my family to the UK.

Amy said...

I like how you add so many photos to your post! Looks like a fun week esp the field trip and spider shirts!

Amy @ Missional Mama

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