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Passport Geography - United Kingdom - Review and Discount Offer

When I was contacted
by Unit Studies to do this review for the Passport Geography United Kingdom I was so excited because in 1999 I had the opportunity to travel to England, Ireland and Wales with People to People Student Ambassadors. I also visited Australia in 1998 with People to People. We will definitely be doing the Exhibition Australia as some point and who knows maybe Amanda will do a Passport Australia??

(make sure you read the entire way down for a discount code offer)

Here is our group outside of a castle. I am the one in the middle
front row with the puppets, tongue sticking out and silly jester hat.
My children are 4 and 5 1/2 so we reviewed the Scout Level. We are not quite finished yet with the Unit Study because it takes us about 2 weeks to get through them and we are in the middle of a move right now. But we have done enough to share our thoughts. This Unit Study is packed with information and once again covers all areas of learning: math, reading, writing, science, geography, history, art and more. I loved how each day is broken up into categories: scripture, map it, hit the road, VIP, get some culture, see the science, creature feature, family fun project. This new layout made it much easier for us to have a stopping point since one day normally takes us two. Another addition I liked was family fun projects, because of our move we haven't had a chance to do any YET, but we will.

Gwyn working on filling in her UK map.
The kids are REALLY enjoying the videos and we added a few as well like The Tale of Pigling Bland by Beatrix Potter. There is an amazing list of books in the beginning of the Unit Study. My children really enjoy reading books so we did check out several from our library, below is a picture of the books we checked out. And of course the kids watched my personal videos and looked at the hundreds of pictures I took. I highly recommend a map or globe (even though there are several maps included in the Unit Study). The globe helped me to teach them about the time differences and using a flash light (for the sun) they were able to get a visual of how the earth rotates and better understand the time differences. They also enjoyed learning about the different types of food, like fish and chips (eww mommy they put it in newspaper) and scones (need to make a trip to the  store so they can try some). 

Gwyns favorite parts (5 1/2 yrs old):
-Prince and Princess wedding video.
-Learning about the different types of animals. Like Hedgehogs (especially since she got to pet one last week at her Zoo Academy class).
-Learning about castles.

Rowyns favorite parts (4 yrs old):
-Learning about castles.
-Bells at Westminster Abbey ringing.

There are a couple of items I wish were included in the Unit Study like information on the city with the worlds longest name which is in Wales, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (click the link to hear how it is said). And information on the historic Tower Bridge. Also would have liked some information about Shakespeare.

The kids checking out my pictures from the UK.
The cool thing about the NEW Passport Unit Studies is there are two options K-6 and 7-12. Click the link below to take a peek inside the Scout Level.
Take a peek inside the Scout Level (K - 6).

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For a limited time Unit studies by Amanda Bennett has offered my readers a 50% discount on the purchase of Passport United Kingdom K-12 COMBO PACK, with the code GetUK31 now through 10/31/2011.

I highly recommend any of the Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett. This is the 3rd Unit Study we have done. And we have over 47 Unit Studies, the teacher guide, journal guide and unit studies 101 guide ALL which have been won via giveaways and the Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett Terrific Tuesday on Facebook. If you haven't liked her pages on Facebook or followed her on Twitter I recommend you do so right NOW! You can also sign up for her email list to be notified of special sales. Don't worry she doesn't overload your inbox.

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