Thursday, September 8, 2011

V is fo Verb

V is the letter this week for the ABC's of homeschooling meme. V is for Verb!

A verb, from the Latin verbum meaning word, is a word (part of speech) that in syntax conveys an action (bring, read, walk, run, learn), or a state of being (be, exist, stand).

Well in this homeschool we convey lots of actions!!! And I am pretty sure that every homeschool does. That is one of the many joys of homeschooling. Homeschooled children don't have to just sit and listen during school! They can run, play, examine, wrestle, hike, draw, help, disagree, travel, cook, wriggle, laugh, explore. Well you get the point. I can't believe we have already had a month of homeschool . It has been an adjustment for us all, but I know that it is going to be well worth it. The kids will not only learn the definition of a verb, they will actually be able to learn by utilizing  a variety of verbs everyday. Even the word homeschool is a verb....

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Dawn @ 5 Kids and a Dog said...

LOL I love it!! "Even the word homeschool is a verb". Yes! :) And reading your post reminded me of the Schoolhouse Rock verb song. :D

Great V!

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