Monday, September 5, 2011

A week in the life of homeschoolers - Week 5

We have had an interesting week. I personally feel like we didn't accomplish much and there were many tears AGAIN! I have come to realize (with the help of virtual friends) that I may be requiring them to put in too much time each day and that I may not have their learning styles quite figured out. Each day I tried to do things a little differently to see how they responded and well I still haven't figured out what it is that is causing the problems. 

So here is our week in the life of homeschoolers update week 5!

Monday: We did workboxes and then started our Dolphin Unit Study. Rowyn had his speech class in the afternoon and Gwyn had Tae Kwon Do in the evening. I thought the day went very well considering we had to break up the day because of Rowyns speech class.

Gwyn: Handwriting, Spelling/Computer, Math (adding), Reading, Craft. This was the last day for -at- words. She passed her spelling test on spelling city and read her book to me so we will be moving onto -et- words.
Rowyn: Handwriting (still tackling the letter A), Puzzle, Math (shapes), Reading (Chika, Chika, Boom), Craft.

Gwyn reading her 'at' word book.
Gwyn making a cat out of clothes pins.
Rowyn doing his 'A' do-a-dot page.
Putting the alphabet in order (with mommy's help).
Tuesday: We did our Dolphin Unit Study first and then moved onto some workboxes. I was trying to change up the day to see if it would go any better and it did a little. I also implemented a reward system for schoolwork. If they complete their work without complaining they get a yellow raffle ticket. After 10 tickets they can pick something out at Dollar Tree.
Spelling is so much fun! Actually it's not for her I don't know why she looked so happy!
Tracing shapes!
The kids went to the playground but as always they just played in the dirt
Wednesday: I let the kids relax and watch some TV in the morning before we started our Dolphin Unit Study. They didn't do any workboxes. After we were done with our Unit Study we ran an errand, had lunch and then went to the bounce house for about 1 1/2 hrs. After the bounce house we headed to the library for story and craft time. When we arrived home we found a surprise waiting in the mailbox, our Ant Hill. I won this awesome Ant Hill from a giveaway on The Nature Store's blog. So the kids helped set up the Ant Hill. Gwyn also stole my camera and decided to run around the apartment and take pictures of EVERYTHING!

The kids were very excited the ant farm arrived.
We set up the farm the farm Wednesday and put the ants in Thursday morning.
By dinner time they had created these tunnels. These little guys work quick.
This is what they created after 4 days.

The next three pictures were taken by Gwyn.  Her brother.
Her cat.
Her silly mom!
Gwyn showing off her shirt that I won from Great Products.
Thursday: We had a very light day. The original plan was to go to the park but the rain put a damper on that. So we made peach smoothies, played games and worked a little bit more on the Dolphin Study. The kids also had a little bit of craft time while I cooked dinner.

Friday: We made it to the park. It was a park we had never been to before and the kids had a great time. They played on the playground and then we took a little nature walk around the pond. They met a nice man who shared his crackers with the kids so they could feed the ducks and geese. They were eating crackers right out of the kids hands it was very cool. The kids promised they would do some school at the park too but that didn't happen there was a huge meltdown so we headed home for lunch. Gwyns friend came over later in the afternoon to play and also spent the night. Her best friend is also a homeschooler they met in Pre-K last year.

Doesn't this one look like mother goose?
Saturday: We headed to home depot for some wood working with our friends. The kids made these awesome chalkboards.

Using her feet to hold things just like her mama used to do.
Rowyn getting cleaned up by the Home Depot lady because he had more paint on his
hands and face than he did the project.

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Ann | said...

Hi Kathy, Your homeschooling week looks wonderful. Don't be so hard on yourself. I think you are doing terrific! Glad to have met you Twitter.

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