Friday, September 9, 2011

September 3 in 30 Challenge - Week 1

Well the week went pretty good, but I am honestly not sure how the rest of the month will go since we are getting ready to move. I already feel overwhelmed because the apartment is a mess and it is about to get a whole lot messier with moving boxes. We will not be moving to the beach as originally planned instead we will be moving to Roswell, GA at the end of next month.

1. Organize my recipes - The cupboard still looks the same! I had hoped to tackle it last weekend, but the weekend flew by and was filled with other more exciting things.

2. Keep up with the Seasons of a Mothers Heart book club -
I have joined the Home With The Boys book club and have finished two chapters so far. I am really enjoying the book. You can read my posts here.


3. Find my children's learning styles -
Well we had a very successful school week and I have learned that Gwyn is more of a kinesthetic learner. I originally thought she was more auditory and visual, but this mama was wrong. I am 99% sure Rowyn is more kinesthetic too! They also seem to enjoy auditory learning because they can listen to me read over 10 books in a row and soak in everything I am saying (most of the time).

View my past goals.

Any encouraging words are always appreciated!


Ruth said...

Well, it sounds like you accomplished some great things. So you didn't accomplish everything--I didn't really accomplish any of my goals. It was a busy week. I think sometimes holiday weeks are like that for me.


Heidi said...

You know those crazy cupboards have a way of still being there tomorrow! ;) It is awesome that you are figuring out what type of learners your children are. That will certainly pay off 10 fold as the years roll on! Happy 3in30!

Hopefully I will be able to hop back on the 3in30 wagon soon! At least our first day of school was a success!

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