Monday, April 25, 2016

Loupe Led Magnifying Glass Review

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We have a lot of pastimes some of which include exploring nature, stamp and coin collecting, rockhounding and playing with maps. All of these activities require a specialized piece of equipment which has been around since 400 BC. It hasn't changed much over the years...until now! The Loupe Led Magnifying Glass with 3 interchangeable lenses is a new, innovative magnifying glass that meets all your needs.

This set comes with a high quality case to help you protect your equipment, 3 interchangeable lenses, a cleaning cloth so you can safely clean your magnifying glass, a cleaning brush to help you clean hard to reach areas, such as the changing lenses connections, assuring a longer product life, and a credit card magnifier so you can easily have access to a magnifier on the go.

2.5x, 5x and 16x interchangeable magnifiers are included. The lenses are so easy to switch...even a child can do it. Simply push the 2 release buttons and the lens pops right off. With this feature you will NEVER have to worry about not having the right lens for the job. The lenses are top quality and provide you with a clear, sharp image. The powerful LEDs can easily be turned on and off using the handle switch. We especially liked this feature because we often go out on night excursions and we were still able to explore nature even in the dark! the magnifying glass also has a great non-slip handle making it comfortable and stable to hold...especially for littler hands. Everything fits safely and securely into the carry case so it is easy to transport if you are on the go like we always are. I can just toss the magnifying glass bag into our hiking bag and we are ready to go explore nature or hit up rock, coin or stamp expo!

Best of all your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with your purchase they will give you a full refund. So you can buy this product with absolute confidence.

Check out Gwyn's YouTube video below:

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