Saturday, December 12, 2015

Click N' Play 500 Piece Building Block Set Review #Valuepack500blocks

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I have a Lego loving son who can never seem to have enough bricks despite having a rolling cooler + a plastic bin full of them.....not to mention the countless bricks that I often find, I mean step on, laying on the floor. And then there are the bricks that are hiding in the car in various nooks and crannies. But like I said he can NEVER have enough so of course I couldn't resist reviewing the 500 Piece Click N' Play Building Block Set.

The 500 piece big bag comes with an assortment of building blocks in various colors and sizes, 10 assorted colors in 14 block sizes to be exact. I must admit I was skeptical that they would fit properly with his Lego brand bricks, but they did and were a nice snug fit. The company actually guarantees them to be compatible with compatible with Lego and other major building block manufacturers. I am not sure my son will be thrilled with the pink and purple blocks but luckily he has a Lego loving sister too.

The best part about these bricks is the price. They cost a fraction of what a similar Lego brand set would. With this set your child will stay busy for hours. You can order the bricks on Amazon. Order them today and get them in time for Christmas. These fabulous bricks will actually be under our tree this Christmas!

These bricks are not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by Lego, a registered trademark of Lego Systems.  

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