Saturday, December 12, 2015

Brick Builders Club Review #BrickSwag

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I have another Lego related item for you that I reviewed. Can you tell we are a Lego loving family? This one is an awesome one of a kind subscription box for the Lego lover in your family and its called BrickSwag from the Brick Builders Club! Subscription boxes are the newest fad and I can totally see why....I mean who doesn't love getting fun stuff in the mail every month?

Now I don't have Rowyn's opinion yet on this amazing product because it is going to be one of his Christmas gifts but I think it's safe to say he is going to go crazy over it.

Every month a Lego style box arrives at your door filled with an exclusive T-Shirt, trading cards, parts packs, activities, techniques/tips, mini build challenge and more!

In our November box we received a turkey build, really cool t-shirt (which I claimed because it is too big for Rowyn), brick booster pack, trading cards, Lego cup, BrickSwag brick, fun poster, build a feast challenge pack and tips and trick book. I can already tell you Rowyn is going to go crazy over the bricks but I also know the trading cards are going to be a huge hit because since they have become a new hobby for him over the last few months. When you sign up for a subscription you can select the t-shirt size you need so you won't have to worry about it being too big or small (since we received our set to review I wasn't able to select the size).  The challenge pack is definitely something Rowyn is going to love participating in, especially since he aspires to become a Master Builder. Each month you can build a creation to go along with the theme and submit it online If you win you receive a Booster Bucket 500! Pretty awesome right?

Want a box? Subscribe!
Brick Builders Club is Now Enrolling for May! Don't miss out! 
Sign up for the plan that suits you:
$26/mo (one month)
$23.50/mo (three months)
$21.50/mo (six months)
$20/mo (1 year)
*You can receive 10% off your NEW Membership by using code HAPPYTEN at checkout.
Still undecided? Perhaps the cost is holding you back? Well let me tell you that these boxes are worth every penny. The shirt alone is worth $20. If I had to place a value on all the items you receive I would put the cost of these boxes at about $35-$40.

You can learn more about Brick Builders Club through their website. Be sure to connect and share with Brick Builders Club through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube! Use hashtag #BrickSwag to tag and share your photos and videos!

You can also register for the Brick Builders FREE Lego Building Guidelines emails

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