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Inside Out - Journal Page, Craft and More

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A couple days ago we went to the theater with our homeschool movie club group to see Pixar's newest film Inside Out. If you missed the last movie club updates check it out, we went to see Disney Nature's Monkey Kingdom (there is a fun, free journal page and craft idea on the post that you won't want to miss).

Every few months when a fun, educational movie is released we get together and go to the movies with friends from our homeschool group in Georgia. But that's not all...I also create a journal page centered around the movie and come up with a fun craft project for the group to complete afterwards.

Inside Out was amazing...it is definitely my new favorite Pixar film! The film had us laughing one minute and in tears the next (well it had me in tears). It was a fabulous way to teach children about emotions.  I'm sure by now you have seen the previews but let me give you a quick synopsis. Inside Out is a about a girl named Riley, and the various emotions that shape her into who she is, starting from the day she is born. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust are the emotions Riley experiences on a daily basis together these emotions help form her life long memories. The majority of Riley's memories are happy until she gets uprooted from her childhood home, friends and hockey team. Her emotions begin to run wild and Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust start to take over. One of my favorite lessons that is taken away from the movie is that without occasional sadness, we would never know what real joy feels like.

After the movie our group got to go behind the scenes to check out the projection room....special thanks to Aurora Cineplex a locally owned and operated theater and entertainment center.

Then the kids made a fun stress ball craft to help them explore and learn about their emotions even more. These are super easy to make and great for helping kids get in touch more with their emotions and relieve some stress that they may be feeling as a result of those emotions.

Stress Ball Craft:

-Balloons (12 inch balloons work best)
-Permanent markers
-Funnel (or a water bottle with the bottom cut off....these actually work better than a funnel)

  1. Stretch the balloon out by holding it at one end and pulling on the other (pull gently so you don't tear it). You can also blow it up and deflate it several times to stretch it out. 
  2. Place the funnel (or cut water bottle) in the balloon opening and slowly pour flour into the balloon until it is full (about 1 cup).
  3. Tie off the balloon end and clean any flour off the balloon.
  4. Draw a face on the balloon that corresponds with the balloon color. (ie green = disgust, blue = sadness, red = anger, yellow = joy and purple = fear). Optional write the emotion on the back of the stress ball.

Free Inside Out journal page:
Each family also left with a copy of the journal page I created for the movie. You can download a copy for FREE here (or click the photo below).

Image courtesy of Pixar.

Recommended reading:
  • What's Happening To Me? Girls Edition and Boys Edition - These books help children understand the changes, feeling and emotions they are having as they go through puberty.
  • Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy - This cool and quirky title is full of ways to spread a bit of happy, and release your inner ninja of niceness with some guerrilla acts of goodness.
  • The Big Little Book of Happy Sadness - George lived alone with his grandmother and an empty place where his mother and father should have been.
  • The Feelings Book - The Feelings Book vibrantly illustrates the wide range of moods we all experience
  • Understanding MyselfA self-help guide for kids to understand and manage their strong emotions.
More resources:

Don't worry I will share the craft and journal page after each homeschool movie club meeting!

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