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WORD Bible Study and Video Series - Facebook Party and Exclusive Freebie

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My amazing friend Kelli Becton blogger at Adventures in ChildRearing and Frugal Mommas would like to tell you about this amazing Bible Study by Lyn Smith.  I haven't personally looked this resource over but it sounds pretty amazing and helps you get closer to God through an encouraging and inspirational Bible Study and video series. Keep reading to find out more and to hear Kelli's personal thoughts.

WORD - a catalyst for knowing God

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You are officially invited to join the fun with a Facebook party full of prizes and encouragement - as we celebrate the launch of Lyn Smith's powerful new Bible Study & video series.

Meet the author
We will "meet the author" and enjoy her straight forward answers to questions about what inspired her and why she wrote this study. You'll gain encouragement and inspiration that can change your life.

The video series, along with the workbook - will surprise you as Lyn's passion for knowing God becomes contagious. Her straight forward & honest approach is done with love and a non-judgemental attitude that invites everyone to take a step closer to their Creator.

More Jesus Less Me
"Right off the bat in this study, I was convicted of areas in my life that needed more Jesus & less me! I was reminded of the constant dialogue that is supposed to be a part of my daily walk with the Lord; the one that is all too often set aside during the business of life.

I was also reminded that God doesn't need me to stop everything (although, that is also important) to talk to Him. Scheduled time with the Lord, quiet time matters, but too often - I skip the daily dialogue because I feel guilty that I haven't slowed down and given Him the time He deserves from me. He doesn't NEED me . . . I NEED Him - He just Wants me to spend time with Him. Amazing how much love and forgiveness is there if we only accept it." ~ Kellie Becton

Right Words
You don't have to be "in" church. You don't have to use "just the right words". God wants to hear from you from the heart. He simply wants to spend time with you. . . . and when we do this . . . REALLY do this - what a powerful change takes place in our hearts!!

Do you have a regular dialogue with God?

About the book: What you're going through matters, not only to you but to God. He cares about your finances, diagnosis, marriage, children, job, fears, dreams, concerns and goals. He cares so much that He wrote a Book for you that meets you right where you are and leads you into the power-filled life. God's Word is alive and exciting! Journey for six weeks through Psalm 119 and experience fresh insight, fresh solutions, fresh purpose, and fresh power. His words will leap off the pages of Scripture, illuminate your life, astound you, and change you.

lyn smith

About the author: Lyn Smith is a Bible Activist, speaker, and author. Whether speaking or writing, she passionately communicates what she loves the most - God and His Word. "The Leadher Challenge" was her first book, a collaborative effort with six other ministry leaders. "Think 4:8 - 40 Days to a Joy-filled Life for Teens" was co-written with bestselling author Tommy Newberry. Lyn's latest release, "WORD - Psalm 119: a study in 22 meditations," is a Bible study, with video downloads available on her website ...

Get a copy!

Tuesday Night - March 10 at 9 pm ET - Facebook page for A Journey Through Learning

Use your refresh button often to keep up with the fun - right from your own home! We will hear from Lyn, learn about the book, win prizes and freebies for the family, and leave encouraged!

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