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Marvel Universe Live Show Review - Thrilling and Entertaining

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A few days ago we surprised the kids with an early Christmas present....media tickets to Marvel Universe Live. It wasn't until we entered the doors at Philips Arena that they knew what their gift was. And boy were they excited!! We are a superhero loving family so I just knew the tickets to the show was going to be a big hit.

The show is over at Philips Arena but it will be at The Arena at Gwinnett Center December 26th-28th. Or you can catch it at a city near you next year. We were lucky enough to have front row seats to the show, but I really don't think you could have a bad seat for this show.

The Marvel Universe Live show is 2 hours long with a 15 minute intermission...just enough time to visit the restroom and grab more snacks. The show is an authentic and original story that features the Avengers (Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, and more), some of their friends (The X-Men crew and Spider-Man), and several evil villains (Red Skull, Green Goblin, Loki and more). The plot of the story is centered around a battle over the Cosmic Cube...the source of ultimate power. At the beginning of the show Thor smashes the Cosmic Cube into pieces to prevent it from ever falling into the wrong hands. But his treacherous brother Loki devises a plan to clone the powers and destroy Earth and along with it the Universe.

But...no need to fear The Avengers are here, along with some of their friends! In order to save humanity they must travel across the globe to retrieve the Cosmic Cube fragments and unite them. But along the way they encounter several of the biggest, Marvel villains who will stop at nothing (even if it means teaming up) to capture the fragments so they can carry out their own plans of world domination.

The show is action packed and features amazing choreographed fight scenes, spectacular motorcycle stunts (our family's favorite), pyrotechnics, aerial stunts, realistic props and more! At one point in the show there was even a man engulfed in flames, which totally had my kids in awe. After the show my daughter kept asking how Wolverine was stabbing people without hurting them...yup it was that convincing. The show of course had all the wittiness commentary you would expect in a Marvel show.

My techie husband and I were very intrigued by they gigantic movie backdrop screen which uses projection-mapping technology to transform scenes from Tony Stark's laboratory, Loki's base in the Himalayas, the top of the Statue of Liberty and more. This movie magic technology really made the show come to life. It made it possible for Iron Man's suit to "fly" onto his body, for Wolverine and Hulk to get caught in an avalanche, etc.

We were all on the edge of our seats and thoroughly entertained the entire time. This is a must see show for superhero fans of all ages!

*Warning if you have a child that doesn't handle loud noises well then you will want to either skip the show or take along earplugs or a sound reducing headset.

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katfrogg said...

If your child doesn't handle loud noises well, but LOVES Marvel, then head to Home Depot and get a pair of ear protection headphones that they sell for about $10. One of my daughters was happy happy with those on and could still hear all the narration and dialogue fine.

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