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The Amazing Zhus Review #TheAmazingZhus

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure Page for details. I was sent an Amazing Zhu and two Amazing Zhus Accessories by Cepia, LLC to review with my family. All opinions expressed are my own or my children's own.

Cepia, LLC is a master toymaker based out of Missouri that has been bringing smiles to children for years with their fun, magical toys. Some of their brands included ZhuZhu Pets, The Happys, Glo E, DageDar and now The Amazing Zhus.

A moms review:
Step right up and prepare to be amazed! Do you remember the ZhuZhu pet craze a few years ago? Well I do. It was all my children wanted for Christmas. Well this year ZhuZhu pets are making a come back and bringing loads of magical, interactive fun!

What child doesn't love magic and magicians? Well with the new Amazing Zhus from Cepia, LLC every child can become a magician. The Amazing Zhus are motorized toys that will amaze and mesmerize your children and their audience as they perform magic tricks and gravity-defying stunts. These toys are intended for children ages 4 and up and guaranteed to keep children busy for hours.

We received an Amazing Zhus pet named Piccadilly and two Amazing Zhus Stunt Accessories, the Disappearing Box Trick and High Dive to review. With an Amazing Zhu and stunt in hand children can amaze their spectators with tantalizing tricks and fantastical feats. It only takes minutes for children to learn how to perform tricks and feats with their Zhu friends, but they will have hours of fun entertaining friends and family.

My children absolutely loved that they were in charge of the show and had tons of fun performing stunts and tricks with their Amazing Zhus for their audience. The first trick they mastered was the disappearing Zhu. The great thing about the Disappearing Box is that you can place anything into the box and watch it disappear and reappear before your eyes. Next they snapped Piccadilly onto her stunt ball to perform her spin-tingling 30 inch free fall into a tiny bucket of water below. The children laughed and giggled over and over again.

There are a total of 6 amazing pets available: The Great Zhu, Madame Zhu, Dynamo, Abra, Piccadilly and The Great Kardini. These pets are so cute that your children will definitely want to collect them all! Unlike the ZhuZhu pets the Amazing Zhus are not fuzzy, but they are still absolutely adorable. They still make lots of fun noises and have 3 operation buttons and 3 modes. The Amazing Zhus Magician Pets (The Great Zhu and Madame Zhu) come with Magician Cards and can correctly guess the answers to the cards - without even looking. They also come with their very own wands and magic hats. Each Amazing Zhu also comes with batteries!!!

There are many amazing accessories to help your children and their Zhus create their own special, unique performances: Magician Shell Game, High Dive, Circus Ball, High Wire, Disappearing Box Trick, Cereal Box, Tomato Can and Train Car Carriers.

But don't take my word for it! Watch the video below to see what my children have to say. You can view additional videos here.

Have you seen The Amazing Zhus in stores yet? What do you think would be your children's favorite Amazing Zhu pet, trick or stunt?

Links to follow:
-The Amazing Zhus Website
-The Amazing Zhus Facebook 
-The Amazing Zhus Twitter 

Where to buy:
The Amazing Zhus will be sold exclusively in Walmart stores nationwide beginning in October, and prices will range from $7.99-$24.99. They will be disappearing off the shelves so make sure you get your hands on one NOW! To learn more about The Amazing Zhus, check them out at their site at AmazingZhus.com.

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