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New Liberty - Anthem For A Nation DVD Review

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New Liberty Videos is a family-owned Christian company dedicated to producing quality family friendly, educational DVDs. The company was founded by Brian Barkley, a former Hollywood television editor who became a follower of Jesus in 1977 while producing the documentary "Set Free."

A moms review: 
We received a copy of Anthem for a Nation to review and have watched it a few times over the last several weeks. This American history documentary explores the qualities that make America great. The DVD is about 42 minutes long  and also includes 2 special features.

Anthem for a Nation is recommended for a general audience, however it is recommended that parents preview the video before showing it to their children as there may be subjects that you are not ready to discuss with younger children yet. I watched this DVD with my 8 and 7 year old and there was definitely at least one topic that I had to discuss with them further afterwards, and that was the topic of abortion.

The video offers a Christian worldview on the history of America. The message is very powerful and explains the question, "why has America prospered like no other nation in the history of the World?" It is a known fact that America was founded on Christian principles, but did you know that there is actually scripture carved into many of the historical monuments? Or that the several federal building and monuments in Washington, D.C form a perfect cross when viewed aerially? Or that the 10 Commandments hang above the Chief Justice in the United States Supreme Court? These were just some of the many interesting facts we learned from this DVD. 

Throughout the documentary there are beautiful patriotic music pieces and breathtaking scenes depicting American life, history and landscapes. In between the various montages the narrator tells viewers about the Christian background of our nation. He shares facts about the constitution, government buildings, and how God has been systematically removed from our nation's principles over the years. And he dives into how the Bible and prayer have been removed from public schools.

We enjoyed the film and my children found it very engaging. Though I didn't fully agree with every aspect of the film, I did enjoy all the fantastic facts about the history of our nation and do feel that it is important for my children to learn about the founding principles of our country and why we are able to enjoy so many of the freedoms we have today.

Our country is definitely in dire need of help for many reasons and this DVD encourages Christians to renew the qualities and freedom our country was founded on to preserve it for future generations.

The additional features were really amazing and a great bonus for us since we are currently learning about WWII. In the first special feature Maria Anne Hirschmann tells her amazing story of living in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia. In the second special feature Kitt Werthmann tells her story of growing up in Austria under Hitler's regime.

After watching the documentary we decided to do some further research. We hopped online and took a virtual fieldtrip to some of the monuments and  places that were shown in the film and learned more about each of them.

You can view a 15 minute preview here.

Where to buy:
New Liberty Videos can be purchased for just $14.95 each + FREE shipping. If you order multiple DVDs you can save money!

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