Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy, Healthy Mouths Thanks To LISTERINE #sponsored #mc

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about making oral health changes with LISTERINE. Well today I want to give you an update on the products we have been using and how they have been working for our family.

Because of our family's bad oral genetics it is imperative that we all improve our oral hygiene. Well thanks to LISTERINE we now have several amazing products to help us do that.

Brushing is indeed important, but the oral problems that the majority of us are faced with, are in those hard to reach areas that brushing doesn't reach. You know...the ones that the dentist is always yelling at you about.

That is where great flossing and rinse products come in handy...

My husband and I both have been faithfully using the LISTERINE Healthy White Gentle Rinse and couldn't be happier with the results. This rinse is peroxide free so it is gentle on your teeth and gums, which is great for those of us with sensitive mouths. Since our major issues involve bad enamel and tooth decay we feel confident that this rinse will help greatly improve our oral health. In just a few weeks we have noticed whiter smiles, fresher breath and cleaner feeling teeth.

Flossing is not something that I personally enjoy and I often don't even bother doing it. But thanks to the LISTERINE ULTRACLEAN ACCESS Flosser my anti flossing days are over. This nifty little tool makes flossing a breeze and makes it much easier to reach those tough to reach places. The handle is just the right length making it super easy to reach your back teeth without having to stick your entire hand in your mouth. The removable floss heads are really easy to snap in and out and the they have a high tenacity so there is no need to worry about breakage. 

The LISTERINE products we received have not only been great for my husband and I, but they have also been great for my children, who I have been working very hard with on healthy habits. These healthy habits include drinking more water, skipping the sugary drinks and snacks, eating more fruits and veggies, getting at least 1 hour of exercise a day, and of course brushing, flossing and rinsing every single morning and night.  Both children have been using LISTERINE Smart Rinse Anticavity Mouthwash every night during their bedtime brushing routine. I am not sure if it is the great bubble gum taste or the cute bottle, but they love rinsing and find it quite fun. They look forward to rinsing so they are always quite eager to brush and floss so they can finish up with their silly, swishing, puffy faces. The LISTERINE mouthwash provides 12 hr cavity protection and helps strengthen their teeth too which is sure to make the dentist happy on their next visit.

Oh I almost forgot to mention the LISTERINE POCKETPAKS which have been life saver for me. They help freshen my breath and  kill germs which is great for this busy, on-the-go homeschool mom.

Give LISTERINE a try for yourself, head over to the LISTERINE website to shop for products. You can also learn more about LISTERINE products here or view videos on their YouTube channel.

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