Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Raising Bearded Dragons Course Review

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If you follow us on InstagramFacebookTwitter and/or Google +  you may know we have a small petting zoo forming at our home. We currently own a ferret, a rat, two guinea pigs, 4 Madagascar hissing cockroaches and a bearded dragon.

We adopted our bearded dragon Spike from a friend earlier this year and despite all our online research and chats with the local pet store employees, we were not properly prepared to raise him correctly. About 3-4 months after having him in our care he became ill, thankfully we were able to rectify the issue before it was too late.

Recently we reviewed a fabulous resource called Raising Bearded Dragons and are now completely and properly informed on what we need to do to give Spike a happy, healthy life. If you are considering a bearded dragon for a pet or recently became a beardie owner, I highly recommend purchasing this comprehensive course.

Raising Bearded Dragons: The Ultimate Care Guide to Raising a Healthy Bearded Dragon, is a complete care course for Beardie owners. This comprehensive course is an 11 module video series created by Abigail Kessler and Gabriel Valo, and is presented by Bay Guthrie. The course teaches you all of the do’s and don’ts of raising a healthy Beardie. Also included are a Bearded Dragon Food list PDF, Care Sheet PDF and access to the Raising Bearded Dragons exclusive Facebook community.....

Read our full review on Raising Bearded Dragons as well as 2 other reviews on The Old Schoolhouse Magazine website. 

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Great articles. You've inspired me to start visiting and researching our local cemetery..

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