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3P Learning - Mathletics Online Math Review

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3P Learning is a global leader in online education. Their award winning programs include Mathletics (mathematics), Spellodrome (spelling and literacy, Reading Eggs (reading sills and IntoScience (science). 3P Learning programs are designed by educators and educational technologists, in partnership with schools and families. 4 million students in over 17,000 schools across the world utilize 3P Learning programs on a daily basis.

A moms review:
For the last several weeks we have been utilizing Mathletics for our Summer math learning. This fun and engaging online math program is designed for children in grades K-12. Mathletics can be used as a supplement to your regular math curriculum or you can even use it as your primary math curriculum. We received a 1 year subscription for the purpose of this review and per the Mathletics recommendation the children utilize it for at least three 20 minute sessions per week.  We were even able to utilize Mathletics on our traveling adventures (it can be accessed online or offline). Gwyn age 8 has been utilizing the 1st grade program and Rowyn age 7 has been utilizing the Kindergarten program.

Program Overview:
For the majority of parents and children math is a boring, scary subject. But Mathletics changes all that! With Mathletics learning math is not only fun, but also effective. The activities are very diverse and even young children can work independently and at their own pace.

The Mathletics program focuses on 7 key points to make a program that both children and parents will love:

  • Engage - Game like dedicated student interfaces, rewards and certificates to keep children motivated while learning math in a safe, secure and engaging online world. 
  • Target - Endless curriculum possibilities with over 1,200 individual adaptive practice activities and pre/post testing, all of which are fully aligned with numerous international curricula and common core/state standards.
  • Diagnose - Assessments to help parents/teachers diagnosis and analyze a child's positioning and progress throughout the curriculum in one click.
  • Assess - Detailed assessment reports and recommended work plans of the activities for each child, targeting specific curriculum outcomes.
  • Report - Real-time, comprehensive, diagnostic report results to track completion, weaknesses and strengths for each child.
  • Fluency - Opportunity to connect with peers across the globe to compete in real-time mathematical "races." 
  • Mobile -  FREE mobile app (iOS and Android) so learning can take place on the go. 
Student Portal:
*Note the following may differ for other grade levels. The screen shots below are for 1st grade. 

My children loved the easy to navigate student portal. On the left side of the screen they can view their daily and weekly points, awards and medals. In the center of the screen are their activity options. And on the right side are all the various activities available in Mathletics. My children spent the majority of their time in the activities, rainforest maths and times tables toons sections. Each of the activities were also easy to navigate and the children had no trouble completing them on their own. The concept search option is really cool and allows children to search for various terms and concepts so they learn the definition and view great visual examples.

Background themes, colors and avatars can be customized to make the child's learning space more personalized. My daughter especially loved this feature!

In the activities section children simply select the topic area and then the fact family they wish to work on. This gives them complete control over their learning (I will explain this more in the parent portal section below). There are pre-tests and post tests to help gauge your child's readiness and mastery. There are also buttons where children can select harder, easier and/or core material. More activities will become available as children successfully complete activities and games!

Children receive instant grading when they are working on an activity which is a great self confidence booster. Each fact family activity has 10 questions and upon completion children will receive a congratulatory message and will be awarded their credits and medals. Both of these motivational tools are what help make Mathletics a program that children want to keep returning to. Credits can be used to personalize backgrounds and avatars! 

Children can easily see what they have completed successfully by viewing the bars to the right of the fact family activities.

The feature my daughter liked most was the option to have the instructions, answers etc read to her. As a struggling reader this provided her with even more motivation and independence. Students simply move the hand over the words until the speaker appears and click to hear the sentence or word.

Here are screen shots of the other learning areas:

Parent Portal:
The parent portal is loaded with features, so I may miss a few, but I tried to point out the most important ones. Since we unschool I chose to let my children choose their own activities to complete daily, but if you prefer you can create tasks for your children. This is one of the newest features and gives parents more control over what their child needs to complete before accessing other features in Mathletics, focus on before taking a test, etc. 

The progress tracking is fantastic. There are multiple options including weekly reports, certificates and check up. 

The weekly report offers a comprehensive breakdown including the total time the child accessed the program, points earned, activities accessed, scores, awards and more. These can also be printed for record keeping purposes. These are also emailed to the parent each week.

For additional practice Mathletics also includes printable workbooks in the parent portal for each grade level. Both children really enjoyed the worksheet.

You can easily access each child's account to make any necessary adjustments to grade level, country or course. There are a variety of course options available including national common core to specific state and national standards. You can also look at guides for problem types and walkthroughs of problem examples.

FREE stuff:
Mathletics offers a FREE 10 day trial if you want to check it out before subscribing!

Wrap up:
This adaptive math practice program is great for school, after school and homeschool use. It can be utilized with any homeschool style and it makes a great supplemental or full curriculum. 3P Learning offers affordability, flexibility and most importantly fun  learning. The Mathletics program is interactive and multi-sensory so it's great for all learning styles (auditory, visual and kinesthetic). I highly recommend Mathletics. It will make math fun for your children and easy for the parent! And believe it or not they will beg to do math!

Gwyns review (8 yrs old):
Gwyn, "I like the math program a lot. I really like the rainforest games they are fun. I like the program because I can do it on my own without moms help."

Links to follow:
-Mathletics Facebook
-Mathletics Twitter
Where to buy:
A 1 year Mathletic subscription costs just $59.00 per student currently.

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